Battle of Britain RAF Pilot

I recently started a project on the RAF Pilot by Alert Line

The figure is based on the Tom Hardy character in the film Dunkirk and the Hardy headsculpt is really nice but I had seen pictures by Facepool of one of their heads on the figure and must admit it’s perfect for the subject

It was an easy job swapping the heads and I then partly laid out the figure to measure the base size I would need

The uniform is well made but way to dark for WW2 RAF so I de-coloured it to try and match the correct shade

The de-colouring was well worth the effort and the uniform looks so much better

His leather boots were quite stiff from the box so I distressed them a little and added creases and a touch of highlighting on the high spots

I wanted him to have a silk cravat like many pilots used so found a patterned silk scarf and fitted it in his open shirt collar. I also moved the top button on his shirt to show that it was undone

This is an ongoing project but I’m pleased with his progress so far


Stunning work there!!!

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fantastic work, looking really good. The decolouring of the uniform has worked a treat

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lovely bash so far, looking forward to final end product.

“De-coloured uniform” - do you mind sharing process on how it was achieved. I am curious and always looking to expand my “how to do” knowledge.

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Thanks for the comments guys

I diluted half a packet of dye remover with enough hot water hot but not boiling) to allow the clothing to be fully submerged. After soaking for 20 minutes the uniform was rinsed in clean water and air dried

I had run a test soak on the uniforms cap mainly as I had no intentions of using this on the completed figure and thought I could sacrifice it if things didn’t work out

Although on removing the uniform there didn’t seem to be a lot of colour removed as it dried I could see the changes and the blue was almost the perfect shade

The remover doesn’t bleach the cloth so the integrity of the uniform is not effected

macuk - thanks for the information

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My Pilot is just about finished, with just some small alterations and final weathering after he Is fixed to his base

I’ve been seeing your progress updates on FB. The lengthy trail has lead to a fine result.

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Finally finished

The Alert Line figure is very good, it’s a shame they didn’t include a parachute to give the full effect

Mine has had a few simple changes and finished with weathering pastels

I loved the dog as soon as I saw it and thought it fitted the subject well