Battle-ready civilian

Finally completed my first ever bash (loosely based on “Pac” from Battlefield 4), and wanted to share. A little rough around the edges, but overall, I’m happy with the outcome.

Complete breakdown:

2.0 Action Body - DAM
Head - DAM

Undershirt - SuperMC Toys
Padded shorts - DAM
Socks - SuperMC Toys
Boots - SuperMC Toys
Jeans - DAM
Belt - DAM
T-shirt - DAM
Body armor - Flagset
Jacket - DAM
Knit cap - SuperMC Toys
Gaiter - DAM
Gloves - Flagset
M4 - DAM
Glock and holster - DAM
Knife - DAM
3-day pack - SS
Water bottle - SuperMC Toys
Axe - E&S
IPhone - E&S
Cash - DAM
American flag - DAM
Pen - DAM
Pencil - HT
Flashlight - DAM
Watch - E&S

(Full disclosure: I have absolutely no photography equipment, and I have absolutely no photography skills. Sorry in advance.)

Thank you for looking.


Nice use of parts there to render a good interpretation of the character. Always tough matching up to video game characters but you captured the essence of it.

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Yeah, looks good to me. Nice bash.

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Yes, really good interpretation of the character! Good job!:+1:

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Very cool!!! Love the game and your representation of Pac is great.

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Thank you all for the kind words.

nice bash. Looks good! Good use of head sculpt too