BBI 21666 HAHO Desert Ops US Navy SEAL Team 3 Anniversary Edition

2005 Pieces



Blast from the past! Nice.

I read it has a fully functional parachute. Can someone confirm that?

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Not sure, however, I do remember photos where people would display with parachute open.

Yes it does. I have this figure and can attest to the parachute functionality, I opened it and it was a pain in the buttocks to put back in.

Brings back good memories, when 1/6 was cheap with decent presentable quality and some highly detailed parts.

Thank you, had it in the meantime as well and through it out of the 4th floor. Didn’t dare to attach a figure to it.

LOL Doly! I never opened mine up. This is great! Really blast from the past kibagmi! :+1:

:smile: you should really open it Dave, I think it still holds up pretty well with current figures. BBI put a lot of details where it matters most.

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