BBICN comments


I am able to create an account, but somehow can’t log in again and I am also not able to retrieve/change my password. I just would like to post in a thread but the search eingine doesn’t work for me either.
Would someone have advice on how to comment in this thread?



I have try to comment this thread at BBICN and this is the error messeage:


Thanks for trying. Actually the error message is bit disappointing!


I’m surprised nobody else has done the other version of the helmet given R6 Siege’s popularity, Tchanka in particular. DAM seems asleep at the wheel although they are back to video games again with the latest VTS release.


Me too, so stupid I didn’t buy version B as well when it was for sale.


Perhaps once they get done with Assassins Creed they will turn their attentions to another Ubisoft license. Lots of potential with licenses there…could sell more of those than some fairy elves or dinosaur heads I’d think.


They also added Spanish GEO, Israeli and others, I think.

They are supposed to be cute :laughing:


Some hobbits maybe too? :sunglasses::grin: I can see an hobbit with M16 in front of my eyes…


I just connected to my BBICN account, and for me everything works correctly including the link you propose …