Ben Zheung doing 1/6 military again

Is that a good sign Ben probably doing something more in the direction of 1/6 miliatry again?


Looks really good. Are 1/6 dive suits made of actual neoprene?

I agree, that’s a very slick bash. A pity Ben left Soldier Story, maybe they’d still have their act together, of course maybe that’s why he left as well. Who knows…

Good to see something in 1/6 from him again. The Master should be back from the dark side :smile:.

More of him. Hopefully, he is also reviving his 1/6 Big6Class brand some time in the future.

Yeah, that is another very well done bash.

Even more cool bashing from his guy. Looks like he’s made a superb facsimile of a 1990s era original 6b7 helmet for this vdv trooper.

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