Beware the Chicken Men - 3/506 Currahees, 101st Airborne, Vietnam. (Lots of pics)

“Beware the Chicken Men” - the name and warning given by the Vietnamese for the 101st Airborne as they (Vietnamese) were not aware of eagles, and likened the screaming eagle patch to a chicken, a bird they knew well. The 3/506 “Curahees” “The “Stand Alone battalion” continued the legacy started by their currahee fathers during WW2, made famous by Band of Brothers. These men trained in the woods of Georgia before shipping out to Vietnam. I chose the 3/506 rather than 2/506 due to having made friends with several veterans from there and the LRRPs from that unit (F/58 who became L/75)

These guys, with whom I am blessed and honoured to have some unit veterans as friends, served their country courageously and bravely. They fought for each other over there in horrendous conditions. They lost their brothers, watched as others went home with life changing injuries and even now, the mental effects are affecting them from the trauma.

This is my modest attempt at a small patrol (I got impatient to take photos as I’m actually waiting on 2 more to arrive with lightweight rucksacks etc). Wearing the OD uniform synonymous with US troops in Vietnam with their helmets covered in graffiti, carrying M16s and one with an M60. As said, there are 2 further ones due soon.

I hope that I have done them some credit with my humble 1:6 versions. I have added also an NVA soldier taking aim through the jungle flora and fauna.


Good to see you back to squad building and the Nam too.

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Dude I think this is excellent work. Love the nam stuff. It’s a nice change from modern warfare soldiers. Great photos great job.

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Amazing! The attention to detail on every single guy really stands out, they are all unique.

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Wow! These are absolutely outstanding figures with great love for detail, each one unique. Very impressive!
I do think that you have done these men honor!
The diorama is one of a kind, too.

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Thanks all :slight_smile:
Murakami thanks :slight_smile: Nam was always my 1st passion, I just strayed for few years haha.
Darren_Gow - thanks! Me too……just something about the uniforms and equipment has really cool look
Warden - thank you. Then my effort worked as wanted each guy to be an individual :slight_smile:
Madquack - thank you. Actually had 2 of the vets say they loved them and looked exactly how they did. :slight_smile:

I really like this “Vietnam War” era … it’s always very cool to see some nice overall achievements … very good work :blush:

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Dude I keep going back to these photos, love detail, love the transistor radio. Such a good job bro :+1:

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Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll post my force recon team shortly. The reason the African American guy looks weird is I put camo paint on him, but then changed mind so used methylated spirits to remove it but ended up removing his eyes too haha. I have a replacement on its way, or might make him an injured guy with bandage over face.