Blackhawk Down with a twist

Hi, new member here. Sharing my current WIP- an 1/6 diorama featuring an animatronic soldier. I’m currently working on pumping smoke/mist through the oil drums to add atmospheric smoke to the scene.

Pat Leong


Now that is really cool!

My god that is super cool!

Nice to see you over here Pat!

Crazy job… and Welcome here… :blush:

Thanks for the warm welcome. Made some progress today, we now have smoke and fire! (real, not cotton balls):slightly_smiling_face:


Pat, this just gets better and better all the time! Great, great job!!!

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Now featuring soundtracks from the movie BHD, giving it a more Somalian context.


Wow, that tire seems like it is really smoldering! I still am amazed by the robotic!

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Changed the uniform and added more terrain textures.


Being new at this 1/6 scale segment, I wasn’t aware that uniforms come in different sizes. The original 3-color desert camo turned out to be too short for my figure. It has a Medium label and did not fit well. I finally found one that is longer and I think it looks much better now.

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