Blocked/censored again...

The filter, or whatever, hits me with that generic message about content.

I cannot figure out what it is that trips this off, but maybe it’s just a filter with a bad attitude.

I usually get that message when I use the word that rhymes with mind and starts with an F.

I usually post from mobile/tablet, and a popup specifically tells me which word(s) I can’t post.

I use “source” as a replacement for, er, the “F-word” (heh)

Same for me, although this particular “f-word” has never appeared as profanity to me… But I am no native speaker…

I’ll look at some changes to it, but there is a combination of antispam as well as rule enforcement in place here since new users can’t be bothered to read or follow rules, as well as some who should know better. The simplest way to balance this will likely to be to shift some of it a post approval queue so I’ll have a look at tieing that into the approval queue system that is in place for new users.

Edit: Queue approval in place for part of what has been tripping up for some posts. If you have an issue in the future send me a PM with details.