Bodyguard outline

When planning my current tier 1 squad, as well as the director who would command them, I decided to create a largely imaginary organization out of them, known as “Níðhöggr”, which would give me an aesthetic that I could work with for my figures, and provide a banner under which I could put all of my current and future figures and/or bashes. It also made sense to get some bodyguards for the aforementioned Director, seperate from the main squad. For the longest time I had planned them to be a 1/60 scale Perfect grade Gundam Banshee Norn from Bandai, with the clear orange parts recasted and replaced with clear red, the exterior parts repainted to black, with red eyes and silver accents, and with LEDs fitted in, Plus a few custom watermark decals of the organization’s logo. However the issues of cost functionality, and suitability made me consider another option, that being two new kitbashes. To that end, I’ve made a preliminary outline of their composition, so that I may get some feedback.

A tall, muscular body is desired, so the M35 body would be an ideal fit. The hot toys TTM20 body was considered, but it is far pricier, elusive, and from what I can tell isn’t any taller than the phicen (though I’d welcome any further information on that). Already giants at 31cm with the body and feet alone, 3cm peg extensions along with the 4cm headsculpts should push the figures’ height to 38cm (equal to over 7.4ft in 1:1 scale) which amazingly is only slightly taller than the Director, who reaches 37.5cm if you don’t count their footwear. Some random male heads should suffice, as should some bare DAM hands.

Devtac Ronin helmets from GWG, repainted to matte white with red lenses and black accents. Exterior NVGs and radio sets would be omitted as I could just pretend that such functions are integrated directly in the helmet. A black balaclava would also be worn beneath the helmet. However should the Ronin helmets become unavailable by the time I get to building the figures however, then I will have to seek out other options for headgear.
Perhaps something that’s more helmet-like but still futuristic

For attire, I see 3 main options: Solid black or Kryptek Typhoon Crye uniforms, and some sort of full body suit. Chest armor should feature hard sections that can be repainted white, while still allowing accessories to be stored. The vests from the DAM Ryder Watson and Hot Toys Roadblock figures would be suitable in respects to the armor, though they appear to be unobtainable at the present moment. A more practical alternatives would be a hard armor section placed on a regular plate carrier. The armor from the GWG Urban raider is an excellent example of this, and it even has shoulder pauldrons and forearm gauntlets. Failing even this, S&S plateframes will have to suffice. I think that some sort of black tactical overcoat would really tie everything together, like the one from the VTS black storm guard. That too seems to be unavailable, so I’ll need to find some other alternative

Some sort of battle belt will be necessary, in order to hold the holster and ammo pouches. A fairly large med kit will be useful should medical assistance be needed. Cloth gloves will also be fitted over the aforementioned bare hands, though I’m still trying to decide whether I should go with all black ones or ones with white accents.

AR-15 with at least the upper receiver, stock, and handguard painted silver or white, with the barrel, lower receiver, grip, buffer tube, and any accessories being black, along with a few red accents here and there. Each will be equipped with Vortex Huey sights, perhaps along with magnifiers. Sidearms will consist of G34s with the slides painted silver or white will serve as sidearms, fitted with red dot sights and extended mags. integrated suppressors may be installed as well if I can find an appropriate holster, or if not I can just use regular ones. Should the Glocks prove to be untenable, then two toned 1911s may be an acceptable alternative. In which case, the same color scheme and attachments would apply, with the addition that the grips would be silver as well. Bladed weapons will consist of knives, the makes of which have not yet been determined.

Black Lowa Zephyrs, with perhaps some manner of shin and knee guards.

Upon at least one of the shoulder pauldrons, an emblem shall placed; An eye bordered in black, inside of which is a red sclera and a black dragon with outstretched wings and two front legs in the center Emblazoned within the border is the name of the organization in old Norse runes, Níðhöggr. Translated as “Malice Striker”, the eponymous beast was said to reside beneath the mythical world tree of Yggdrasil, knawing at its roots. I’ll make this symbol on my computer, then print it out as a water slide decal and apply it. I may also make fabric patches of it as well for the rest of the figures as well.

This sounds so cool. I hope you are able to source every thing you need to make it work .good luck.

Also if and when, would love to see it all.