Brazilian Special Police

BOPE, COT and others I believe. COT is seen with 416s, 417s, AVS and the usual assortment of highspeed kit. Multicam, MC Black and MC Tropic are all appropriate.

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These units look pretty much all the same nowadys. Seems like the FAL is replaced in Brazil by HK416/7.

I remember a documentary, where a BOPE officer stated, that they have to endure losses every week when roaming the Favelas.

Yep, everyone’s joining the Crye or Die mafia so to speak. I imagine most FALs are reaching the end of their serviceable life, and the option of either a) a modernized FAL OSW or b) HK417 (much more common and modular) was an easy decision for the unit.

I’m not surprised, the murder rate in Brazil is absurdly higher than the international average.

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