British Army L85A2 build


Hi all

Few pictures on my L85A2 I had to build for my recent 16th AA kitbash project. Purchased main rifle from shapeways. Used my Damtoys rifle as a guide for size & colour etc.

removed original optics and replace with a top rail system (which i made from 1 press mold using blue stuff). Shortened stock by about 4mm, so it matched Damtoys rifle. Created copes of laser guide/vertical grip/torch. Created various decals for rifle & rifle accessories. Created sling and attachments see below link - very helpful.


As always please green wolf or E&S make a proper L85A2 or better yet…L85A3



They (GWG via ES) have had a L85A2 basically done for years, just not released after DAM beat them to market with their renditions. I imagine it would be a quick retrofit to swap the RIS over to the A3’s HK keymod rail and provide them with a market viable model given stock of DAM’s British figures are more or less gone from the market and the next best thing will be a more basic L85 from DID.

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