British Pathfinder Platoon Patches?


I have bought a DamToys British Army in Afghanistan figure and I want to convert it into a British Army Pathfinder. I want to get pics of all necessary patches in the Net and resizing them and printing them.

I guess they don´t wear in combat no mame patch but a ZIP/call patch and no rank patch. I don´t know if they wear in combat the unit´s patch with the black arrow pointing upwards. I guess, as they are parachute qualified, they may wear too the British Army “Wings” patch for those who are so. Guess the blood type patch is an obvious choice and some morale patch would be OK. NKA or “No Penicilyne” may be used too. I cannot think of any other patch they may wear. Ouch!!! the Union Jack.

Whose do you, boys, think are the patches I should put to him? and where must they be located in the UBACS arms and plate carrier?. By the way I just have got a nice L119A1 CQB for the bash.

some images … but not many patches :blush:


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Is that a rank patch in the last pic? the patch under the square green one? And, does anybody know what kind of patch is that green one?

OK, one thing is pristine: in this last pic, on right arm, from top to bottom, the “Wings”, the green patch and what seems a rank patch. I am not familiarized with British Army rank patches. Could it be a First Class Soldier or a Corporal patch?

Wonder if I could put the Pathfider Platoon patch where the green one is, as in one of the pictures an operator wears it on the right shoulder. I guess too they may use it on exercises but when in combat special forces units seem not to wear any unit patch. Same doubt about the rank patch either, I don´t pretend to be a connaisseur. I am a newbie. Any suggestion, boys?

Checked the Net. It seems the rank patch is that of a Lance Corporal. Wonder if the presence of unit and rank patches and the lack of essential patches such as Blood Type, Allergy related patches and ZIP/call patch could be due to the fact that those pic were taken while on manouvers, although, if I am not wrong, according to Geneva Convention a POW is allowed to tell his captors his unit, rank and name, so it may well be that these soldiers are allowed to wear rank and unit patches in operations as long as it doesn´t compromise the mission in case they are identified by the enemy. But this it´s Just a supposition.

Although the fact that my figure will be using an L119A1 can point in the direction he is a pathfinder, I would like to make it utterly clear and I think some other units in British Army use it too. Keep wondering if I can take the licence of using the unit and rank patches. What do you think, chaps?

Edit: I have noticed they are wearing Arid MTP uniforms.It could be a distinctive feature of pathfinders but still no manufacturer has release an Arid Multicam uniform in 1/6th. Fortunately I have found pics of them using ordinary MTP too, so I can use the uniform of the Damtoys British Army in Afghanistan figure. If some Arid Multicam appears in the future I will change the uniform.

I don´t want to look like an idiot but, Is the guy with the long barrel L119A1 and goggles on the front side of the helmet using a Mitch or is it a Virtus helmet?