British SAS

Hi all

My inspiration for this bash is Colin a Dragon figure from back in the days.
Colin: British SAS Recon | 1:6 Scale Dragon Models Modern British ...

Colin played a part in me leaving the hobby, not totally him, but he served as a good example of a manufacturer re-using parts & being mean with equipment, just under delivering really - I mean no bergen, come on Dragon.

So this bash in MY version of a modern Colin (bergen attached)

Quick run down on figure;
Head - copy from E&S painted by me
headset from Very Hot
Bergen - DID multicam webbing etc, accessory pack
MTP Jacket Damtoys royal marine figure
Chest rig MC Toys PMC set
Trousers MC Toys PMC set (heavy application of weathering powder - mid brown & light sand mix)
Boots DamToys DEA/SRT figure
Rifle - E&S British SF set (lovely set, wish one barrel had not snapped off in postage grrrrr - fixed ok)
Patches made by me
SAW rocket launcher - scratch build by me. Used naff resin powder mixed with water - soft material - awful to sand down - so lots of grooves/scratches. Must re-do using resin.
Material roll over bergen - 1/6 scale multi cam off cut, wrapped around bubble wrap.

See Dragon that’s how you load up a figure. All current manufactures, see Damtoys DEA/SRT Elpaso for how a manufacture correctly loads out a figure - giving collectors value for money (stepping off soap box lol)



Looks awesome to me. I have the original and what you made one could consider a great upgrade.

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I like your figure, a lot. It’s a good example of an older figure inspiring a better one.
That said, I also have the original Colin, still sitting on a bookshelf, downstairs. I thought he was a very interesting figure, and still do. Between him, and yours, there’s a considerable amount of time, and a lot of evolution.

For the time, the mixed uniform, suppressed M16 with optic, and admittedly light kit were pretty unique. As the box art indicates, I think he represented part of a vehicle-borne SAS deep recce/raid outfit, rather than the Bravo Two Zero foot-type team.

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Nice bash!

I still have a couple of the Colin M16A2s in inventory - one with the original Aimpoint optic, and one with an ACOG.

I’m still fond of old DML weapons, even though I have replaced a good many of them in my weapons collection. They may not hold up detail-wise compared to modern offerings, but they have interesting configurations and accessories.

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In their time, DML weapons were about the best, which is probably doubly impressive, given that the 1:6 department had to deal with their parent outfit’s preference for plastic scale models.
In their way, I feel that the DML weapons (all periods) set a benchmark for other companies to live up to, or surpass.
Soldier Story’s weapons have been very detailed, tho the company suffers from fits and starts.
DiD has made efforts, such as featuring working actions, but also actions that had function problems.
There’s also the various E&S, and GA weapons, and others, which offer realistic appearances, and features - tho there remains the question of whether these weapons address durability, or disassembly wants (difficult to do both).

Very true. The DML ones that are still unbeaten from my collection are the German G3s and the OICW sets. P90s are somewhere in between, but still nice.

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The Dragon figures with their artwork and distinctive style reminded me of something out of an Osprey book. It would be nice if the likes of DAM would recapture that with their dormant History line.

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So agree - front cover (& sides) some nice action art. Back standard photos of figure so we can put it together. I would love instructions as well. I do not understand why manufactures do not use UTube more. They could do short vids on up and coming figures & also walk through vids on building a figure. Great way to draw people towards your brand.

Osprey - use them since a kid as a reference guide. Always said if won lottery would get entire Osprey collection, set up 1 room, with 1 comfy chair, 1 x drinks machine, and just read all day…well time off for 1/6 builds etc…

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