British SBS.

Hi all, This is my second post since joining up. This is a British SBS I am working on. Hope you all like.


Nice work looking brilliant :+1:


Looking good! I really like this era :+1:


Another great entry. He reminds me of the old Toy Soldier SAS that was ultra limited and had everyone losing their minds.

I would love to see more figures released from the early GWOT days. A lot of the old Dragon figures could do with an update, they had some beautiful designs.


Thank you all for your kind comments. Yes a lot of this figure comes from very old items from BBI to Hot Toys as well as some Dragon parts. I have to agree with you Warden a lot of British modern kit done by Dragon, Barrack Sergeant and BBI all need to be done again and it is sad to see that a lot of British kit just does not get made these days and many of us cannot understand why. Hopefully one day soon one of the big company’s will change their minds and start rehashing old Dragon kits and bring it all up to todays standards as we have plenty of fantastic collectors and kitbashers who would buy it up in an instant. Thanks again to all of you for leaving comments. Very much appreciated and look forward to seeing more from you guys soon. :+1:


He has the comfortable combat-ready look.
I certainly agree that it would be good to see Commonwealth and Allied uniforms and gear rolled out again.

Looks sharp, very nice work man.

That Toy Soldier SAS limited release was a Holy Grail for me for quite a long time. Was finally able to buy one a few years ago, and it was truly awesome. The only thing that was bad about it were the cloth/pleather boots - they completely fell apart, had to replace with a decent pair of molded boots. All in all a great figure to have. This bash does remind me a lot about it.

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Very cool. The old gear is just fine. You can only get so much detail into some of the parts, and some of those “old school” bits are still quite good.

This figure reminds me of an actual picture I have seen, but it’s going to drive me nuts trying to find it now. Very similar to the Dragon CIA Agent Smith too, but with better kit.

Awesome stuff Lee.