British Territorial SAS Nairobi Kenya January 15 2019


Easy & Simple 26032 SMU Tier 1 PART VIII Lone Rescuer

A breakdown of the gear and some backstory thanks to Comtac Systems, The Reptile House, and Newsrep.

On January 15th, 2019 several Al-Shabaab attacked the DusitD2 hotel and office complex in Nairobi. A foreign operator was seen in civilian clothing responding to the attack and the identify of the operator became the subject of conjecture, with some labeling him as a Navy Seal, then later 22 SAS. The individual is a member of the Territorial Army SAS which is formed by the reserve 21 and 23 SAS regiments. Both accept civilian volunteers with no prior service, although often they may have former active 22 SAS members. They undergo the same training and selection process as 22 SAS but over a longer period of time. The the individual was in Kenya training police and military counter-terrorist units and was off-duty when he responded to the attack.


Arc’teryx LEAF Assault Balaclava

Craghoppers Kiwi Dusk Blue


La Sportiva Boulder X Mid


L119A2 Rifle:

1st Line:

Crye Modular Riggers Belt Configured as Below:

2nd Line:

Crye AVS Vest Configured As Below:


The “poor” woman in orange tshirt seems really terrorized … :hushed:


Congrats AdamC : That’s a full detailled list of gear.
I was thinking the shoes was from MERRELL, I lost.


This guy was those Terrs worst nightmare. Well done to him, stepping into the breach.

Soldier Story could do this, much a they did the French DGSE guy from the Bulo Marer raid.


Great work AdamC, fantastic attention to detail.


Fortunately the hardcore airsoft community does some great research we can borrow from. I highly recommend the two sources noted as they along with some of the people they follow have some really interesting input to share.

As for a figure this one should be right up Easy Simple’s alley as they have some of the key components done already.

The operator is well deserving of the award he is up for, that is one hell of a thing to wander into on your off work time.


Awesome. Someone on BBICN has done a bashed figure already, and it’s very well done. If I can find the link again, I’ll add it.


Already have a thread here about two:


And that was the one I was thinking of.


Cool. They are both great bashes.