Brother Production/DML UMP (custom)

Part list

  • HK UMP .45 :de:
  • HK UMP Mag (30rd) x2+1
  • Aimpoint Comp M2 Cantilever QD Mount
  • Rheinmetall Defence LLM-01
  • KAC Vertical Foregrip
  • Silencer

This is basically a UMP by Brother Production, like the link says,, but some parts replaced by the DML UMP.

Brother Production


DML, from the G36 Heer Set.


Muzzle is from DML, like the silencer. Overall quality of this rifle is very average, like the gaps between the two piece moulds.

Charging handle however is spring loaded

All three rails are glued to the smg and are from an older Very Hot or Soldier Story M4. Unfortunately they don’t look so clean. My bad when I cut them off a few years ago. Ejection port also looks mediocre.

The metal ring for slings I took from the DAM Devgru MP7. Somehow I prefer it without sling. Fireselector not movable.

Folding stock

The mag release button is also from the DML. Original one had no detail at all.

The top

The Aimpoint is from the E&S Task Force Spectre figure

LLM01 from the GreenWolfGear L129A1 rifle set!

Foregrip Crazy Dummy

Silencer from DML UMP

Mags from DML, too. Original mag was horrible.

I also replaced the stock at my first attempt with another UMP, but due to a different width, it looked bad. The loose DML stock has a much nicer shape, but the Brother Production one looks better in overall appearance.

With figure

In the end it’s a good placeholder, however I hope in the future someone will produce a nicer piece for general sale.

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Will the gaps close if you squeeze them? I’ve had similar issues with some two piece molds like the early MP7’s. I used tamiya extra thin cement to seal them up, but it you’ll need to clamp they together while it sets. Looks pretty good all finished. UMP is one of those forgotten weapons that hasn’t seen a modern updating. Would be cool if DAM or someone else revists it in the future. Maybe with their History series?

Good idea. I’ll give it a try. Just need to be careful, because it’s located directly next to the charging handle and spring.

I hope for an update, too. Saw it at several French GIGN pics lately, but with bent mags.