Brother Production Px4

Hi, does someone know about this handgun? It comes with the Brother Production Die Hard figure. Is it actually weathered or not? I found two different versions or is the weathered one just damaged?

Hi Chpo! I picked up a couple of these loose a few years back. they are nicely detailed - much better than the HT versions. I think my ones came from the “Exception” figure (DiCaprio in Inception). Mine are not weathered, although I cannot speak for the versions released with other figures.

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Thanks @turkeyshot, I will look for one of those then!

I also picked up the HT ones. Hummm…it would be nice if someone did a comparison…

I have the HT one and found several pistols from Brother production online, however the one you posted looked weathered and I didn’t want that.
I figured out by now that the Johnny 2.0 figure has a factory weathered pistol, so I am out. Need to find one from an earlier Die Hard figure.

You might be able to take off the weathered look. Paint solvent.

If you want more pics, let me know.

Left HT, right Brother Production

Slide spring loaded

Brother has the best Px4 in this hobby. Just need to find a good laser light.