Bundeswehr chooses Haenel MK556 as New Rifle

It appears everywhere on the net. Finaly the German Army has chosen Haenel weapon rather than HK 433. It seems it outperformed HK weapon in every aspect.

Let´s see what happens now with Spanish Army. The G36 they use is made in Spain under licence from HK and it shows “local” manufacture differences with the german version. A speaker of Spanish Army said that due to those differences Spanish G36 presented no malfunction, but I think he was lying through his teeth. The truth is, generally speaking, Bundeswehr leads the way and Spanish Army follows. (Leopard 2A6E MBT and Eurocopter Tiger helicopter being a couple examples).

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Bad news for H&K. This will be an package of 120.000 new Rifles for about 250 Million Euro. Haenel supplies already a sniper rifle for the Bundeswehr. I think SIG had been a good partner too.

It may be very, very childish, but the MK556 is a cheap price weapon. it is even cheaper than HK 433, so it could well be purchased by military private companies to provide their contractors with it. It seems like we have already two 1/6th HK433 on their way by E&S and General´s Armoury and I cannot but to think if Easy&Simple or any other brand would release a light folliage green and a sand and a black colours HK556 weapon sets we could make excellent PMC kitbashes. The MK566 is a very pretty rifle. I am afraid we will have to wait for much more for a new German grunt (and the only one I can remember now any brand took the burden to release is old Armoury´s German Para) with it. If any brand ever releases one.

I wonder if KSK will stick to their 416s…
H&K apparently considers legal action against the decision, which might delay procurement for some time.

Visually, it’s a downside, but seems like that science and experience is now weeding out all the interesting things like bullpub, G36/Famas/QBZ-95 style rifles with this charging handle being located in between the barrel and top rail. Even the new Norinco QBZ-19 looks like an AR-15.
Last man standing for the bullpub seems to be the L85 and AUG A3. The other rest would be SCARs and AKs. HK433 and Masada I would picture as a kind of AR-15 as well.

It is completly understandable for a manufacture not to make every new weapon or weapons from a very specific theme or unit when the sales of figures or weapon sets are not worth it.
Most of the western armies are using weapons with the typically loading and operating mechanism of an AR15. So it is much easier if they get a new weapon with nearly the same working / loading system. The cost of weapon training and the procurement of the spare parts will cost the Bundenwehr more money than an upgrage of the G36 or the use of the HK416 which is already in use by the KSK. The MK556 will be more different than the G36. The time will see if they will choose Haenel or a different company for the new weapon system. It is now not a completly save Deal for Haenel.

German opposition parties are now trying to stop this deal in order to not support a company that is providing forces fighting in Yemen with firearms and that it is a subsidiary of a UAE based company. That’s pretty hypocritical, considering that weapons are sold to kill people and war is a huge economical factor in the world we live in. It’s like trying to get a car that’s not polluting our atmosphere. The leading party remains supportive as this rifle seems to be a good mix of reliability and affordable price.

According to the article, Haenel is still not a done deal and the choice made could be withdrawn. Well, no one can hide what HK did in the past with Mexico and loads of other occasions, so going back would be no option either should we trust in our politicians moral compass. Maybe this has something to do with HK thinking of handing in a lawsuit after they had to surrender to Haenel in the trials. In the end, will be about money anyway.

That may be HK calling in political favors given they have been in serious financial trouble for a time now and were likely counting on a contract like that.

I don’t understand how hk is struggling when they’re Frances rifle supplier now, Norway and even producing England’s l85. I can definitely see why Germany would go a different route after hk lied about the heat problems with the G36 and their solution wasn’t to fix it but to sell Germany a whole new platform that was mainly polymer as well (433)

Likely an issue of stagnant product lines and timing. Their main products are mostly minor improvements at this stage while other products are less viable now. At their scale they need to be securing multiple large contracts like this one to maintain financial liquidity as the margins probably aren’t great on those contracts, hence being in the hole for a few hundred million euro. Probably a good time for them to be paying more attention to the commercial market.

Seems like the Bundeswehr respectively the German Ministry of Defense have withdrawn the order of procurement, due to possible patent infringements. So, the operational history of the G36 will probably be longer than exspected… Good for H&K.

Good for you!, :rofl:

and you need not a seperate stash for spare parts. Also your customers will not need extra training to “use” this weapon or dismantle it :grin:.


you have your 1/6th HK433s coming with Bravo Six GA1002U figure and Phantom GA2002 Gear and Weapons set. Sellers on eBay are asking for a fortune for a loose Bravo Six´s one.

Will you be releasing the HK433 on its own as a weapon set, or even better, several different weapon sets?

Not everyone in the hobby is a wealthy guy!!! :smile: :smile: :smile:



of course your prices are reasonable and your goods are top-notch. It is just that if you want the rifle you have to buy the whole package and I am not interested in Modern Warfare game figures, and this hobby, as many others, such as military modelling, where I come from, is not cheap. And I have too many hobbies!!!.