C.A.G P.S.D -first post

Hi guys my name is Darren from Australia.
I have been into the 1/6 hobby for a few years now and would like to share with you guys two of my CAG PSD kit bashers.

Hope you guys like them, I have plenty more to share with you all in the future.

[Uploading: 20210629_182159.jp


Nice setup there dude. Welcome to the jungle, I look forward to seeing your work!

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Nice! Another Aussie.

Thanks mate, you have quoted from my favorite rock band g.n.r that’s cool.

Wow…you have these fully loaded out! I love it. That is what I do with all my figures! Great job…

Dang, I mean DANG that backpack is stuffed! Looks crazy good dude. Hope you manage to keep that level of detail in future bashes.

I know they look fully loaded out for p.s.ds but good operators are always prepared just in case things go pear shaped, that’s why they have go bags to keep in their vehicles . Also thanks for the kind words guys .I don’t have any mate’s who are into this hobby so I appreciate the feedback. Cheers, rock on!

Awesome operators! Welcome to the forums, mate🥳

where did you get those tattoos? Home made or comissioned to someone?

I think they used the body from the E&S SAS CRW urban raid figure which already came with those tattoos

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Which figures did the grey plaid shirt come with?

Yeah thanks Swede I appreciate that mate . And to answer your question jostovar , Wesleyan is write I did use the e/s s.a.s c.r.w figure and the left arm tattoo is from some pack I found on line a few years ago. And rocketman the gray plaid shirt, which we call flanys or flannelet shirt down here in Australia did not come with a figure and sorry can not recall where it came from. But if I do will let you know. Cheers guys


Thanks mate. Much appreciated.

Great Looking team you have there.