CAG bash help 2

For some reason, this site just refused to load for me all of last night and most of today. Anyways, Last summer I made a post concerning a CAG recce M110/SR25 that I had assembled as a graduation present for myself. Initially I used it as the main weapon for my CAG sniper bash, but I have since decided to give them their recce HK416 back instead and save the M110 for a proper Designated Marksman bash down the road. Lately though, I’ve been having some concerns about the accuracy of the rifle.

Above is the photo that I have initially taken of it, to serve as a handy reference. Since taking it I’ve since given the stock and sling to the 416, and acquired another version of the same scope with a different mount. As you can tell I chose to use the rifle from the E&S range day figure, with the KAC URX 4 rail. I chose it over that of the Sphinx set, as it had a longer rail with an integrated suppressor, and I was unable to source an appropriate one for the latter. However, what little up to date media featuring the SR25 that I could find suggests a preference for standard quad rails. Mlok rails would also be likely, although I haven’t yet come across any photos of those in use. This is assuming that they haven’t adopted something entirely different instead, like the M1101A1s or some other AR10 platform. So I’ve been considering purchasing the M110s from either the Sphinx or Serpent sets and transferring all of the accessories onto that one. Any thoughts as to what I should do?


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MLOK or quad seems to be the case.

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