CAG bash help

I have run into a bit of an impasse concerning both my 2 current CAG bashes, and the 4 that I plan to build in the near future. I intend to equip all of them with foot-type Salomon 4D GTX boots, however I have only been able to locate 4 pairs of those shoes. E&S have been including new molded versions of those boots, and those would be much easier to find in the quantities that I need and to paint (although I intend to paint the foot type ones as well). But the cloth ones are more realistic, which a major focus of mine. They would even let me use socks. Should I hold out for more of the fabric and leather foot type ones to emerge, or should I seek out the molded peg type ones?

My advice, go for the molded ones. Minitimes also has some decent Salomon boots for pegs. Leather/fabric are not my favorite choice, since they tend to be a little oversized in some cases. Molded ones are easy to paint or even to customize with some eyeshades and fix laquer.

But just my opinion.

I like the cloth ones myself. I’m slowly replacing my molded boots with cloth boots. I think it’s ultimately down to what satisfies you. Good luck bro can’t wait to see what you come up with!

That’s what I’m leaning towards myself. I did a lot of digging online last night, and I actually managed to source the two remaining pairs that I needed to account for. And for a good price too, at about $22 each, with a total of about $47 after shipping which isn’t too bad for what I’m buying. Now it’s only a question of whether or not the site is legitimate or not.

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