Still a WIP, changing the plate carrier to an AVS with M4 flap, I made some modifications to the airframe cover, I thinned out the fabric and widened the opening, attached rds to glock and created a rail system for the camera, question though, gpnvg 18 or pvs15’s


Parts list so far:
HS and body: Dam (Devgru K9 handler)
Hands: Dam (Ksk assualter)
Shoes: E&S smu part 1 (Burkina Faso)
Uniform: Dam (FBI hrt)
Jpc 1.0: E&S (Marsoc machine gunner)
Ferro Assault Pack: E&S (smu part 1)
Hk 416: E&S (smu part 1)
Hk attachments: various E&S sets
Glock 19 and holster: E&S (smu pt 1)
Mini RDS : SS (marsoc)
AirFrame: E&S (Commonwealth SASR)
Peltor and prc152: E&S (Ranger RRC)
Other accessories: Various between E&S, Dam and SS (flash bangs, smokes, magazines,chemlights, contour cam, ifak, trauma sheers)

Looks great so far! That glock is perfect. Just a heads up, I believe that design of US flag on his chest is more of a Green Beret CIF thing.

I wasn’t sure, I thought I had seen some reference pics of delta guys with that one, but since they’re so camera shy it could have been airsofters

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Thanks though , now if e&s would do a tanodized 416 set instead of zombie rifles

Very nice CAG Figure. Good choice of parts. An updated E&S Version. I like this head from Damtoys a lot. Also the Glock looks cool in this configuration. You should have a look at shapeways. Especially the shop from LHS (Uramegak). He had done an ALG 6-Second mount and a suitable holster. Search for " 6 Sec Mount Standard Kit" to get the complete set or " 2 piece order" to get only two ALG 6-Second mounts with micro aimpoint. It is much cheaper ;-). That would be the coolest conversion for the GLock.
Here you can see the result and what you get:“6-sec”-t-1-mount-advanced-holster-set-ups.html

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