CAG G19 help

I have been trying to procure 3 G19s from the SS100 figure so that I can transfer the barrels and sights from the G17s from DAM’s recent NSWDG figures into them, along with the mag well from E&S G19s. However finding the SS G19s has proven difficult, so I was wondering if it would be possible to transfer the DAM parts into the E&S pistols?

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I do not understand why to transfer parts at all? I mean the new Generation Glocks from Dam are really great. Especially the Glocks with the Gen 4 engraving. Take the ZEV// magwell from E&S and put it on Dam Glocks. Then you have a great Glock at all. I think you will not be able to put Dam parts in SS Glocks.


I would second that. Interchanging parts from different companies others than slide on rail items might not work. At least speaking from experience. I would also go for ES G19s. With or without flared magwell.

Keep in mind that SS is the only company to use a pin to hold the Glock slides in place. SS085 is the other option with the silencer adapter, but rare as hell nowadays.

Probably just cut the silencer adapter and glue it to the ES G19 with the sight.

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It’s a matter of symmetry, for lack of a better term. I wish to make 12 tier 1 bashes, half DEVGRU and half CAG. 3 of the DEVGRU figures will have P226Rs, and the other half will have HK45CTs. I already have 6 of the DAM G17s that you mentioned, of which 3 can remain as is. That leaves me with one last group of three unaccounted for, so logically the best choice for it would be G19s

I have just attempted to preform the transplant between the DAM and E&S pistols to no avail on account of incompatibility between their respective barrels and lower frames. I suspect that attempting this with an SS glock would yield similarly disappointing results. This leaves me with two palpable avenues: pursue several copies of the G19 from the SS 085 figure (which already has a threaded barrel, making such a transplant unnecessary) which is easier said than done, or keep the 17s and get all my DEVGRU bashes either P226Rs, or HK45s.

Good news, I managed to win the SS085 figure in an auction! It may have taken $49, but still. Hopefully the money I’ll get from the Tooth Fairy for some of my wisdom teeth will be enough to cover that cost. Now I can proceed with my original goal.

TMT, I guess. Heavy price though. Hope, it’s worth it!