CAG HK416 help

Some of my Tier 1 bashes (3 CAG 2 DEVGRU) are or will be equipped with HK416Ds, but I’m thinking of changing them all over to the A5 variants eventually. All but one of them are or will have barrel lengths of about 10 inches, whilst one is an 14.5. 11.5 A5s can be sourced from the 26035 figures, and the 14.5 could come from either the Ganghood PMC figure (which uses E&S weapons).The issue is that rifle isn’t in black. So I would have to get five of the 11.5 which are black then cut remove and transplant the barrel. In which case, the option exists to simply go with the 11.5s for all of them. I already have 2 all black D variants with SMR rails from the LAPD SWAT figure, and would only need to get either another of those or the 14.5 A5. On the other hand, that 14.5 one currently serves as a backup weapon for my CAG sniper to his MK22 ASR, and though it would make him more uniform with the rest of his team, I’m not sure if replacing it with an 11.5 version would be appropriate. Any suggestions as to what I should do?

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, is the length the issue? If so, cut off the barrel at the appropriate length, remove the compensator, cut off the excess barrel and glue the compensator back onto the shortened barrel.

Apologies, English is not my first language. What I mean to ask is whether I should put together a 14.5 HK416A5, or switch him over to an 11.5 one.

Hey no worries, your English is much better than my French (my second language)! If you’re going for uniformity, then yes I think you should cut down your 14.5 rifle to 11.5. But there’s also no harm in a little variety.

That’s reassuring. With the announcement of the 26045 figure which includes a compact thermal sight, I might consider going with the 14.5, as that would have enough rail space to include it, the Vortex Razor 1-6, the NGAL, and the pressure pad. On the other hand, my CAG designated marksman will have an M110 more suited to overwatch, while the sniper will largely be using the 416 as a backup weapon to their MK22 ASR.

Either way sounds like a good option. Variety is good!