CAG M110 Recce


KAC M110 (E&S)

Magpul CTR stock (Very Hot Toys)

Padded two-point sling (E&S)

Schmidt & Bender 1-8x24 PM II (E&S)


Surefire light (DAM)

PEQ-15 (either E&S or DAM, I don’t remember)

Bipod (E&S)

A little project that I completed back in May, for my CAG sniper kit bash. I wanted to streamline its loadout, and give it a rifle that could be used in CQB, and at long distances. I’m considering changing out the CNVD-T for an AN/PVS-30, since the latter goes out to a much longer range, but that might eliminate any potential for CQB that the rifle has. Any advice on that topic is welcome. I also plan to replace the current stock with a similar one made by very cool that has a Larue riser and prone device. However the VC rifle that comes with that stock is quite hard to come by nowadays.

Finally! I’ve been looking forward to this, the wait’s paid off. My only suggestion would have been a stock with a riser, but I see you’re addressing that.

Indeed. but at the moment, There are more important things that I must focus on getting. I’m awaiting the release of DAM 78072, from which I plan to buy two of the pistols and one of the helmet-mounted comtacs that it includes. I also need to get some mag pouches and for my NSWDG breacher kit, some new mags for my CAG squad leader bash, and maybe the AN/PVS 30 for the CAG sniper bash. A glock from E&S will likely be needed as well, so that I can take its flared magwell to put on the 78072 G17.

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