CAG pistol help

When I plan my bashes, one of the things I focus on is evenness. Since I plan to put together 12 tier 1 kitbashes, it means that when choosing what items to get, I would need 3 groups of 4 or vice versa, two groups of 6, a single group of 12, or in the case of gloves and hands, a single and double group of 12 respectively. In terms of clothing and gear I’ve been able to adhere to this fairly well, I haven’t managed to do the same with primary weapons but 5 416s and 5 LVAWs with an MK48 and M110 as outliers is acceptable. It’s secondary weapons though that currently vex me. As it stands, I have 6 G17s with RMRs, lights, and suppressors for my CAG bashes, and I plan to get three HK45CTs and three P226Rs with the same setups for my DEVGRU ones. While this is evidently unequal, I have been unable to conceive of a 4th option. However, another 1/6 scale collector that I follow on social media named Jademanudt has given me inspiration for an Idea.

Essentially, it involves taking the barrel, light, and RMR from the G17 that came with the DAM 78072 figure, then transferring those into and/or onto a Soldier Story G19. A simple enough procedure, however I have a couple concerns that make me reluctant to do it. Firstly, I’m unsure if the hands I use on my figures which already have a snug hold on the G17s, will be able to properly grasp the more compact G19s. Secondly, I don’t know if the glocks mags I have will fit in it. Any thoughts on this matter?

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