CAG recce HK416

Now that I got the E&S CTR stock in, I figured that now is as good a time as any to show off the custom HK416 I’ve been building for my CAG sniper kitbash. I’m not going to give a full breakdown yet as I don’t consider it to be fully finished, so I’m just going to focus on the stock.

The Larue cheek riser was taken off of a flagset rifle, as was the Prone Optimization Device (POD) pictured at the bottom. The riser fits quite well, though I may see myself needing to glue it in place eventually. The POD doesn’t seem to fit though, so I’ll need to do some light sanding on that. Both will need a layer or two of matte black paint, though with the riser I intend to do a custom paint job in Multicam Black.

Once I get to remaking my CAG recce M110, I’ll give the stock pictured here with both the riser and POD to it, whilst the HK416 gets a CTR with just the riser. That one I’ll likely source from the E&S 26040B figure, which already has one in that exact configuration. Sure I’ll have to do more repainting, but it’d be much cheaper than getting two whole rifles. I’m still trying to look into what colors I’d need to replicate the pattern, and how to create a stencil to trace and cut the shapes on masking tape, so any advice in regards to that would be appreciated

As for what further changes I’ll make, the offset Docter RDR will be replaced with an RMR attached to a modified aimpoint T1 mount. The DAM M600 sight will be replaced by an E&S version, though I’m still attempting to decide whether to have the pressure pad replaced with a picatinny version or keep the one with an adhesive backing. The PEQ-15 will be replaced by one of the black NGALs from the upcoming HK433 sets. The Vortex scope will stay on, until one of the newer 1-8 or 1-10 models get made.


Looks very slick so far, I like the profile with the added cheek riser.

Painting multicam pattern is notoriously difficult btw, not to discourage you. It may be worth trying to get some custom vinyl stencils made, especially if you can find a few other hobbyists who would want some too.

My mother has one of those Cricut machine, so that should be able to make the stencil I need. The problem is that I don’t know how to take the pattern and get its individual shapes, then give them to the machine. Maybe I need to use some image editing software.

Looking good Weskerfan5690!

Multicam can be painted in scale, but it does take time to do it right. I painted the stock on an M14 in multicam a few years ago. See the pics below for reference. I did not use a stencil. Mine was done with a combination of airbrush to lay the base colours, followed by brush painting by hand to add the accent colours on top. Just like the 1:1 multicam, I used 5 different colours to build up the various layers. It was fiddly, but I think the results are well worth the effort. You could use the same method to paint multicam black, switching out the earthy tones for different shades of black and grey.




That’s great man, though frankly well beyond my capabilities. I will note that the overall layout, if not the idea of painting the stock in a camo pattern was inspired by those used in a military comic series called Black Powder Red Earth (very good, highly recommend it). In fact they were at one point going to collab with E&S to release a figure based on one of their operators, but that apparently went nowhere.

Pictured above is one of the handful of photos they released of it. I was actually hoping to use the rifle in the photo for my sniper figure, but since that never came out I made my own all-black version with a similarly configured integrally-surpressed M4A1, before I settled on the 416. On that note, the rifle in this photo likely was the inspiration for E&S’s second PMC rifle line. In fact many of the parts pictured here would go on to be used in future releases, with the rather unfortunate exception of the kydex holster. From a broader perspective, it would not be completely unfeasible to suggest that some of E&S’s more “creative” releases not based on existing SOF units were inspired by BPRE, or at least its aesthetics. Hopefully we do get a collab with them in the future.

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It is not only worth, it is brilliant done :-). Looks great and your painting skills are also on a high level. Your airbrush work alone is fantastic with the fine color transitions.

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I actually messaged them a while ago about that canceled figure

Screenshot 2021-08-17 12.08.03 AM

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That is sad to hear. But at the very least it is still possible to kitbash our own BPRE figures.

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