CAG w.i.p. body armour mod


i have worked a little bit on a CAG body armour.
Parts List:
E&S 26032
AVS Front Plate
AVS 2-Band Skeletal Cummerbunds
Shoulder Covers - cut to fit converted shoulder straps
MBITR Radio Pouch

E&S 26037
AVS Back Plate

E&S 26040A
Vertical Abdomen Panel

Conversion work:

  • I have used the AVS front panel from the Lone Rescuer Figure and removed the backpack together with the elastic band.

  • I removed the AVS harness and connectors from the 26037 AVS body armour

  • I added new elastic band and connected the front panel to the back of another AVS body armour. I had no AVS before with the two row Cummerbund.

  • I cut down the shoulder Covers and velcro to make a tighter fit to the converted shoulder straps of the AVS.

  • I removed the molle stripes from the 26014A Triple M4 Magazine Pouch and added a velcro patch

  • For the horizontal Molle bracket i cut the Vertical Abdomen Panel to size from the 26040A Figure and added the M4 Single Mag Pouch. I still need to add the elastic band or use the Damtoys pouch from the FBI Figure. But the MC color is different.

That was the main work and i am still happy with teh results.



Horizontal Molle pouch:


looks good, nice work