CalTek "OBR Rifle" (Medal of Honor Preacher)

Item N°


  • 8017 [Full figure]


  • LaRue Tactical OBR 5.56 18" :us:
    • Magpul CTR Stock
    • Magpul Extended Rubber Buttpad
    • LaRue Tactical RISR (Cheek Riser)
    • LaRue Tactical POD LT733
  • Magpul PMAG 5.56×45mm (30rd) x4+1
  • Trijicon ACOG 4x32 ECOS Rifle Scope w/ Trijicon RMR RM01 4 MOA LED Weapon Sigh
  • SureFire M720V LED Weapon Light RAID w/ White and IR Illumination capability
    • SureFire SR07 Remote Dual Switch
  • Harris HBRS Bipod with 6-9" Elevation
  • LaRue Camo IndexClip Set x7
  • SureFire FA556-212 Sound Suppressor
  • LBT-2500BZ Two-Point Padded Weapon Sling (AOR )

This is retro-review I opted to do, as this rifle surprised me in several areas with innovative functions. Sadly to see that CalTek/Soldier Story didn’t follow up on this in the future, considering this figure was alreay released back in 2012.

However, there are also drawbacks and inaccuracies/bad executions involved.

First of all, it can be fully disassembled like any AR-15/HK416.

Please note, that this OBR rifle actually provided two removable takedown pins. The current and older SS rifles never had this as far as I can remember. However, I obtained two of these and the other rifle had the front pin glued in and wasn’t functional at all.

The bolt and charging handle came in two parts, like Easy Simple started to do some time ago, which adds more realism.

Extractor is well done.

This is what looks like to be an older solution of implementing a spring into the cocking mechanism.

The pin for this very OBR rifle is bigger in diameter and only sits on top of the buffer tube and is not inserted.

Muzzle can be detached, but offers no detail on the barrel

One huge thing for me is the fully functional stock

Adjustable cheek piece. Sits a bit loose though and doesn’t come with any locking mechanism.

Sling swivel can be removed

The locking mechanism works like the real life counterpart

Push the lever and the whole pin will travel downwards

The LaRue POD cannot be removed without breaking it. I attempted it with my other rifle. Here an option to use it:


The plain rifle

Fire selector is fixed into place. I looked inside and checked the mechanism. It’s not clear to me, if it was supposed to work or not, but the generous amount of applied paint might have done the rest to restrict if from moving.

Barrel comes as is. Rails and other moduls are glued in

Working charging handle



ACOG scope

Yellow lense for mini red dot provided

The style of these angled iron sights is highly unique and I dare to say that CalTek were the first to introduce angled sights in the first place.

Even a nicer surprise when you were relying on the original preview images which showed sth completely different with these flip up sights

Weapon light with switch

Surefire wording

The flap to the light can be opened

Also the lever can be operated

The bipod is quite funny. Not only because of the fact that it’s asymmetrical, but also of the fact that SS didn’t manage to fix this for the e.g. SS096 SDU figure a few years later.

Legs are extendable and remain in place nicely

Silencer (forgot it during my shoot)

The fit is horribly loose. It will fall straight off and can be psuhed all the way down (won’t sit on the muzzle).

IndexClips. These are used to attach to your rail, directly next to/touching any attachment. This way you can remove lasers or others for any purpose and reinstall at exactly the same place very quickly. Also helpful at night when visibility is low.

Front sling swivel is stiff and can’t be adjusted


Only one row of bullets shown

Removable ranger plate

Sling looks interesting

Hooks are non-functional, but fit their purpose

This piece is detachable via velcro

Fully geared rifle


Great review again chpo.

Were the OBRs produced by the same factory that produces Soldier Story’s weapons? Do they have the same level of detail and quality as your average SS weapon?

You might wanna compare them to the older SS rifles in quality/execution. Before SS062 eg.
For your other question you should probably refer to @AdamC.

Wow! I never knew that this could be broken down like that! Thank you very much!!!

I’m pretty sure they were. Caltek and Soldier Story had a relationship given the were the primary distributor and some of the early figures were joint efforts. It would make sense they would use the same OEM which I believe was Multiways. It really comes down to how much you want to pay in tooling when making a more complex design in terms of parts, shapes, etc so that matters less. If you look at the likes of Very Cool and Flagset you’ll see the same work and in quite a few cases exact same parts carry over from past Caltek and Soldier Story product and the same sort of QC issues.