Camo pattern mix and match

Hey guys!

Quick question.

Is it common that SEALs mix and match different camo patterns, like AOR1 uniform with Multicam plate carriers or chest rigs?

I’m asking because I’ve seen some pictures of SEALs wearing this type of combination, or even AOR1 pants with MC arid top and MC JPC.

Is it “correct” or are those phony photos???

Thanks again!

I’ve observed discussions pertaining to this very topic in other military forums, and there seems to be a consensus that to soldiers of that caliber, function supersedes form. In other words, they don’t tend to obsess having every piece of gear be the same color, like many in this and other such hobbies tend to be. What matters is that the gear in question is useful to them. Mind you, they would be more particular if their mission called for say arctic or tropical gear, but otherwise they’d just roll with what they needed.

So don’t be afraid to mix and match, if you need or want to.


Thanks dude. I’m finishing to bash some DEVGRU Red Team operators in civil clothes and want to explore some combinations for AOR clothes with MC JPCs but I was afraid to be inaccurate.
I will work on them this weekend to see how they look.

Cheers buddy!

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