Canada - CANSOFCOM Gear Reference List

From the excellent folks at the Canadian Forces (Impression/Inspiration) Facebook group:

-Rabintex Attack (black, painted, dipped in MC)
-Rabintex ACH-1 (CADPAT TW/Arid cover, painted)
-Protec Delta LT 875 (black, painted, dipped in MC)
-MSA/BAE/Revision 2001 (black, yellowish sand stock colour, painted, dipped in MC)
-Ops-Core FAST XP (urban tan, black, painted green with tan rails & VAS shroud (only one photo), MC dipped, MC cover, CADPAT TW cover - VAS shroud, Wilcox L4 shroud, Norotos Universal Shroud (tan), Skeleton shroud (only one photo)
-Ops-Core FAST MT (no photo proof, only word from a retired CSOR member)
-Ops-Core FAST Jump/Carbon (urban tan, Navy painted Mas Grey-looking paint, MC dipped) -both Ops-Core shrouds
-Crye Precision AirFrame (only used by the one & only Chay, tan with Crye MC helmet cover - his helmet is now dipped in MultiCam Black to go with his company’s colours)
-Revision Helmet A1 & A3 (MC dipped with Wilcox L4 shroud, MC cover)
-Revision goggles & ballistic shades
-Oakley M-Frames
-Smith Aegis
-Peltor Comtac II/IIIs (ARC adapters & headband)
-Cadex helmet accessories (NVG strap, mount, & helmet rails)- Attack, Delta, MICH helmets
-AN/PVS-14 (very old)
-Israeli made PVS-23 mount
-Wilcox L4 G01 (black, painted)
-Wilcox GSGM (no photo proof)
-USGI ANVIS mount (there is only one photo of this being used)
-USGI LPBP with the slot in the back for Cadex NVG strap
-S&S Manta Strobe (old & new gen), V-LITE
-MS2000 strobe
-Princeton Tec Charge Pro (tan, and it’s the CR123 version that is shorter)
-Petzl Tactikka (tan/black)
-Adventure Lights VIP strobe (black)

Second Line:
-S&S shooters cut SAPI PlateFrame (MC harness, MC SOCs, tan, black & MC frame)
-LBT 6094 (khaki, CB, MC)
-LBT 1961 (old & new gen, khaki, OD, CB, MC)
-Diamondback Tactical FAPC (1st gen) - khaki, CB
-Crye Precision JPC & JPC 2.0 (CB, MC)
-Crye Precision CPC (no photo proof, only word from a retired CSOR member)
-Crye Precision AVS (multicam, just one photo)
-Crye Precision CAGE (MC)
-TYR COMA Sniper Harness (MC)
-Paraclete RAV (smoke green, khaki)
-Paraclete HPC (smoke green, khaki)
-Eagle Industries RRV, H-Harness (khaki, CB)
-SORD Chest Rig with back (SAPF005 & SAPF004) - khaki (called SBC on their website)
-Ronin Tactics AL (MC)
-PACA The Standard - tan (these are worn with all plate carriers except for the following: TYR, S&S, Perroz Designs, Ronin Tactics, Crye CPC, Mayflower APC/LPAC)
-BFG Plateminus (MC)
-BFG Ten Speed chest rig (MC)
-Tactical Tailor Fight Light Plate Carrier (MC, CB)
-Perroz Designs SPC, MPC, LPSPC (CB, RG, MC)
-First Spear The Slick (tan, CB)
-Mayflower APC (MC)
-Mayflower LPAC (MC, old gen)
-Mayflower Chest rigs (MC)
-Haley Strategic D3CR (MC, seen with Perroz carriers)
-Blackhawk chest rig (khaki, black, OD)

Third Line:
-Tactical Tailor 3-Day pack (CADPAT Arid)
-Mystery Ranch rucks & packs (MC)
-Eagle Industries rucks & packs (khaki)
-Blackhawk rucks & packs (tan, khaki)
-Standard issued rucks (CADPAT TW/AR)

First Line:
-@brandon_macqueen (IG) holsters & sheaths
-Highlander Tactical holsters
-Gray Fox Strategic holsters
-Safariland 6004 holster (black, painted)
-LBT 1847B battle belt (khaki)
-LBT riggers belt (CB, MC)
-Eagle Industries battle belt (khaki)
-Crye Precision Low Pro battle belt (old gen, looks to be khaki)
-TYR Cobra belt (MC, CB)
-TYR Brokos belt (MC, CB)
-TYR Gunfighter Belt (MC, CB)
-Ronin Tactics Senshi belt (MC)
-HSGI SlimGrip belt (MC, CB)
-HSGI cobra belt (MC, CB)
-VTAC Brokos belt (RG, CB, MC)
-5.11 Brokos belt (Sand Stone)
-5.11 Riggers belt (Sand Stone, green)
-CP Gear CADPAT TW riggers belt

-TYR Tactical
-Eagle Industries
-Diamondback Tactical (DBT)
-Blue Force Gear
-Perroz Designs custom made pouches
-CTOMs pouches

-Crye Precision Gen1/AC/G3 MultiCam
-Crye Precision G3 Khaki
-Crye Precision AC Sand
-Crye Precision AC Ranger Green top with Sand pants
-Arc’teryx LEAF Talos MultiCam & Crocodile (1st & 2nd gen)
-Arc’teryx LEAF entire line including balaclavas (all gens & all colours)
-Arc’teryx Beta AR (black)
-CP Gear CADPAT TW & Arid(AR) combat top
-CF CADPAT Arid(AR) combat top
-CF CADPAT Arid L6 jacket
-Custom made CADPAT TW/AR pants to accept Crye pads & custom made combat tops
-Patagonia Combat Shirt MultiCam
-DropZone Tactical Smock (CADPAT TW/AR)
-Standard issued overwhites
-Under Armour Heat/Cold Gear compression clothing
-Mechanix gloves (from OG mechanics to military models)
-PIG FDT gloves (Alpha, Bravo, Delta)- all colours
-Outdoor Research gloves (all models)

-Salomon Quest 4D GTX (civilian & Forces)
-Salomon Forces (the entire Forces line)
-La Sportiva Ganda Guide (Nucleo High GTX replaced these)
-La Sportiva Boulder X
-Hanwag Yukon
-Lowa Banff
-Lowa Desert Elite
-Vans Defcon & all black MTE Series
-Converse Chucks (all black)
-Danner Tachyon
-Under Armour Valsetz
-LALO Footwear

-Peltor PTT
-Invisio M3/M4
-A. Fisher Knives
-RMJ Shrike

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Here is a list of weapons used by Canadian forces they also compiled:

-CC C8A3 (Diemaco ambi-sling plate, ambi mag release & fire selector)
-CC C8FTHB (Magpul ASAP sling plate, nothing ambi)
-CC C8FTHBA3 (Magpul ASAP sling plate, ambi mag release & fire selector)-these are highly uncommon
-CC C8CQB (FTHB/FTHBA3/A3 lowers)
-CC C8IUR Gen 3 (FTHB/FTHBA3/A3 lowers)
-CC C8A4 (MRR)
-CC C8CQB IUR Gen 1 (only sene at Warrior Challenge: King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Centre (KASOTC))

-HK MP5SD (all variants)
-HK MP5Ax (all variants)

-ArmaLite AR10 Super SASS
-CC C8A3 lower with either a LaRue upper or a A3 upper with a LaRue rail (12")
-CC C8IUR DMR with A3 lower (9.5" & 12" uppers are used with Simon sleeves)
-Remington MSR
-C14 Timberwolf
-McMillan TAC-50

-Sig Sauer P226
-Sig Sauer P228
-Sig Sauer P229
-Browning Hi-Power
-Glock G18C (not issued, photos/videos seen with were from an indigenous force that CSOR was training)

-HK MK48 (762 SAW)
-HK MK46 (556 SAW)
-HK HK69 (40mm)
-Colt Canada EAGLE (40mm)
-M3 Carl Gustav (AT)

Suppressor & FH:
-Ops Inc 15th Model 556 (used with C8CQB/C8A3/C8IUR)
-Ops Inc 12th Model 30 Cal/762 (used with AR10)
-Ops Inc 12th Model 556 (only seen with the C8 that has the LaRue rail)
-SE Vortex G6A2-SBV flash hider (don’t know the 7.62 variants name, zero info but is seen with AR10)
-SE Vortex MK46 (self explanatory)
-SE Vortex MK48 (self explanatory)
-SE Vortex 7.62 (C6)
-Allen Inc. M4 Collar

-Diemaco L119A1 carrying handle
-Magpul AFG
-Magpul AFG2
-Magpul XTM handstop
-Magpul MOE pistol grip
-Magpul MOE stock
-Magpul CTR stock
-Magpul B.A.D lever
-Magpul ASAP (not on C8A3s or AR10)
-Magpul RSA
-Ergo Original pistol grip
-Tango Down VG (long version)
-Cadex VG
-VLTOR IMOD stock (both models)
-MFT Minimalist stock
-CC stock
-PEQ-16 (1st gen)
-Precision Reflex Inc M84 Gas Buster charging handle
-Geissele Super Charging Handle
-BCM Mod charging handles
-Badger Ordnance Charging Latch (gen 1)
-Maxim Defence CQB PDW stock (seen on three IURs)

-Aimpoint magnifier paired with LaRue mount
-Aimpoint T-1
-EOTech G33 magnifier
-EOTech XPS/EXPS/2/3
-EOTech 551
-EOTech 552
-EOTech 553
-Nightforce NXS 2.5-10X24
-Elcan SpecterDR 556/762
-Trijicon ACOG 4/6X

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It is really hard to believe that the geardos at DAM and Soldier Story would not be enticed by the possibilities here. “Back in the day…” (koff) bbi did this sort of thing, which makes me miss their wild-arse approach.

One would hope. Between this and a plethora of reference photos there is enough to get started. With ES having previewed a L119A2 with the British version of Colt Canada’s IUR (grenade lug on their rail but not the Canspec one) another major piece is started as well. It’s about time some of the other contributors to the GWOT got a bit more attention as the Canadians and Polish have been overlooked.

Did I miss that?

Colt Canada has enough potential in my opinion. Lots of variety given and with some similarities to AR15 rifles shouldn’t be too hard to create them. Although I remember that some of their rifles don’t disassemble like the M4s. So the lower and upper receiver are basically one part?

It’s a monolithic upper, meaning the upper receiver/rail are one part like the Scar, Bren 805, etc.

I see.

Thanks for the pic. I remember now having seen that. Was that for the SAS?

Edit: It is. Seeing the SAS watermark.

Sig 716 now being trialled, apparently: