Stylish bunch, a lot of possibilities for figures - several would be nice, or something like a ‘Soldat’ type or DML ‘Ryan’, with combat uniform and gear, along with over whites. My philosophy is, live long enough, and things will get made. That has worked with varying success in 1:1 firearms, and the modern Russian figures to a greater degree. I’ll admit that modern Canadians are something the clannish manufacturers have evaded, long past my expectations. Just my opinion, but it seems like fanboy whimsy results in a lot of favored subjects (say Bundeswehr SOF, for instance). I’d like to think the coolness factor of Canadian SOFs would move someone, but outfits like the Polish GROM don’t seem to have done so - yet.


There seems to be an element of that, or just bad advice being given. I’ve always though that when you factor in the multicultural aspect of the hobby you end up with different things being relevant to different people, especially when the production is so centralized. CANSOFCOM along with the GROM have played very important roles in the Middle East so hopefully there will be recognition of that.

Ironically it would be relatively easy to produce a reasonably accurate Canadian SOF given CSOR has moved heavily towards multicam and alot of the same gear as other SOF units. Easy Simple recently did the L119A2 prototype which shares the same Colt IUR upper so that is another component done. I’d still like to see the CADPAT patterns done but for protect simplicity a CSOR figure could be done for less risk in multicam.

This one below would make for a great “deluxe” figure along the lines of your idea.


Nice pics Adam, a lot of which I hadn’t seen before.












GREAT collection of pics, Adam! DAMToys could spend the next couple of years putting out a series of these, just as they have with the modern Russians.


One can only hope. It would certainly make for a more interesting product than another Hot Toys retread. At the very least a multicam figure would be a relatively easy to pull off project, although I would like to see CADPAT have it’s day given how hugely influential that pattern was. It’s kind of ironic that they haven’t used that pattern as much in overseas deployments due to the cost of smaller runs and yet you have the USMC and Seals running around in derivatives of it.


Bringing up an old post, but great references. I have a lot of them, but some were new to me.

This gives me some motivation to get my Hasbro HMMWV all tuned up and ready to go. The gear on those is awesome, and highly unique to CANSOF.

I have yet to see any pics of them using the FN P90, but I have heard first hand stories of their use, and a few articles on it as well.