Canadians with shotguns...

…and who doesn’t like a shotgun?

Courtesy of The Firearm Blog, and 3rd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment, images of Light Infantry Pioneers practicing with Remington 870s.
Part of their inventory for among other things, breaching.

Up close and personal, hopefully getting them accustomed to this. No mention of what type ammunition is being used.

Another opportunity to turn out a nice, basic 870 with folding stock. What better than releasing it with a kitted out Canadian soldier?

Thanks for sharing!

For those who are interested, the guy in lighter pattern (J-pat?) is RCR, as mentioned by the title - they were recently issued new CADPAT chest rigs and pouches, and have been trialling that new camouflage pattern you see above. Unlike their counterparts out West, they generally cannot wear non-issued chest rigs.

The other guys in CADPAT are probably either a) reservists or b) Vandoos from Quebec. Lots of guys who still have to wear the TacVest (Snack Vest) modify it with aftermarket pouches (myself included). As far as infantry units go, the RCR get the new CADPAT MOLLE rig, and PPCLI get … well, whatever they want to wear… and the Vandoos, as far as I’m aware, wear the old TV. Note he’s also wearing an aftermarket OTW (Outside The Wire) CADPAT tunic that are becoming increasingly popular in all units.

As for boots, pretty much anything goes. The new “BOOTFORGEN” regs are incredibly vague and as such, guys tend to purchase all kinds of obscure and exotic boots as a way of being different. Rocky S2Vs used to be big, now it’s Lowa Zephyrs and Z8s - although you’ll often see Salomons, Garmonts, Hanwags, Redheads, UA, Nike, etc.

Regarding ammunition, I’d hope they’re using frangible breaching rounds. The pioneers were recently re-introduced into infantry regiments, and they basically do all the cool jobs that engineers do (breaching, TEB, and assault boats) without the less cool stuff that we do (bridging, construction, search).

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I was thinking that might be the case, some of the close shots appear to show dark smudging.
Thanks for the info on the uniform and kit!

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