Cancelled - DAMTOYS 78065 NSWDG In Afghanistan Shanghai Wonder Festival 2019 Exclusive

This was cancelled a few hours after it was announced, apparently DAM thought the 10 month production lead time would be not in keeping in spirit with an expo figure. If you wanted to know what their current production lead time is, now you know. I’m not sure if these are all the photos, just what I could cobble together.

Parts List:

Accessories List:
Head Carving
Dam 3.0 vegetarian body
Gloves with may x2
Original Tactical Gloves
Mpls LED lights
Flash Lights
V-Lite Luminous Lights (Blue and red)
L4g32 Night Vision Installation Seat
Gpnvg-18 Panoramic view night vision
Comtac II Headphones and helmet rails connector
AN/PRC-148 MBITR 電台 X2
Mbitr Radio Extended Cable Antenna x2
Dual U94 v. 2 PTT switch
Suunto Vector watch
NSW aor1 combat combat clothing top
NSW aor1 combat combat pants pants
The Belt (CB)
War Belt Module Belt (aor1)
Double-Teamed Cartridge Bag (aor1)
Pull out the m4 mags
Medical Package (aor1)
100rd ammo bag (aor1)
Gp Clutter Bag (aor1)
Njpc Plate Carrier Tactical Vest (aor1)
Njpc radio bag left / right (aor1)
6074 a nvg bag (aor1)
M4 Cartridge Bag (aor1)
Tattered Grenade Bag (aor1)
Water Bag Bag (aor1)
Full-size flag
Safety Rope
Hang on
NSW tourniquet
Plastic handcuffs
Signal Stick x3
First Aid Scissors
Multi-Functional Tool Pliers
Mk13mod0 Flash Shock Bomb x2
M67 broken grenade
Tactical Pistol Set
Mk24 Pistol and gun lights
Hand Gun Tray x2
Hk416d Rifle
Ctr Butt
AAC muffler
Afg2 Hold it
Mbus backup mechanical test
EO G33 Double Mirror
EO Exps-3 Hologram
La5 Peq laser indicator
M600 Tactical Lights and low profile installation seat
Harness ring
And mag dàn xiá x3
M4 彈匣X3
2500 BZ Gun Harness (aor1)
401 GPS
GPS Bag (aor1)
Flag Chapter x2
Morale chapter a
Morale chapter b
Morale chapter c


This head has already been used by Dam for another figure …

As for the figure, no regret for me for this cancellation (they will surely emerge a similar version in a few weeks) … but I would like to hear about the release of the figure DMS007 Operation Red Sea Gunner, which was announced at the beginning of June … does anyone have any information?

Yeah, this one is a recycled product thorugh and through. Very poor attempt indeed!

I’d like to see what pictures they used as reference because the helmet-mounted earphones (commtacs?) aren’t common within NSW, nor is the heavy belt kit. To me this essentially looks like the K9 DEVGRU with a JPC thrown on, weird belt kit with perhaps 1 new pouch, and Altama OTB shoes. If this was all in MC it’d look closer to SF or Rangers - NSWDG seems to (at least in reference pics) go for a slicker, more minimalist look.

This one feels more like one of their “reaction” figures where they’ve seen other brands do some pieces of gear and want to produce a better version, ie the NJPC and Defcon Vans SK8 shoes. It feels a bit thrown together.

Makes sense. It definitely does

I think so too business wise. They most likely got too greedy, start throwing out figures and statues like there is no tomorrow and lost track, probably confusing themselves.
Their figure release schedule is just mad at the moment. SOBR, RAID, Combat Girls, Dinosaurs, Red Sea etc.

No harm done in my opinion collector wise as this is a dead stock bash.

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Do you think this will be released at a later date? I understand it is a lot of reused stuff, but it’s stuff I don’t have. This would be a great figure set in my collection!

All anyone can do is speculate at this point. They have spent some money developing prototypes for some of the new parts here so conceivably some of those may be reused. I wouldn’t mind seeing the NJPC and LEAF jacket as their versions tend to be a bit more refined. You can kitbash a reasonably close approximation of this figure with parts from Easy Simple, SuperMCToys, ZY, etc.

That’s good news they could have gotten it done by October as they are currently averaging around 8 months to get products out. If they could cut that in half for future products potentially and expedite release it would help as that is currently the one advantage they lack even it it is better than Soldier Story’s turn around time.

Thanks for the replies.
Yep; I’ll sit tight. My bashes never quite match up to the quality of a complete set, so it’s worth it to me to wait and see.
Mileage can vary sort of thing I suppose.

Sign of life?

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Indeed it seems to be announced again with this nice “teaser” :blush:

The AOR2 seems to serve as a replacement for this one, and offers some delectable parts, like the suppressed pistol and radio That said, should this figure indeed see the light of day, I‘ll be sure to snatch some pairs of those gloves.