Casual style special forces (also inspired by Ghost recon Breakpoint)

Did some kitbashing back end of 2020. Going for a casual special forces look inspired by Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Played this game 27/7 when they re-introduced the 4 man team aspect. Also inspired by the in country casual look, example being SAS in Nairobi, or Damtoys 78072 NSWDG.

Sorry no breakdown on kit - i am so lazy on this just head down do the bash, drift off into my own world.
I imagine you will recognise most of the gear anyway, like Soldier Story jacket. Hollywood actor head sculpt purchased for one figure all the others clone copies painted by me.

Sorry some photos too bright or dark - got a new Samsung phone, which meant learnt what camera settings worked best.


Now this I like!
Very nice jobs on all of them๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

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That EDC (?) back pack with the red stripes (and the all black one) is cool.

Big fan of plainclothes operators, nice work on these!