CBI X Easy & Simple 27002 Enforcer Corps PFC Yuri


Super super cool. Totally my thing!

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Now this I like!
The overall OD green motif, the skull logo on the ammopack and the whole juggernaut thing makes this very cool IMO.

Hm, I’m seeing both Russel Crowe, Daniel Craig and Anthony Hopkins in this hs…:thinking:
Is it just me?:man_shrugging:t2:

Also, is that an legit M134 or the russian equivalent to it?


You and me, both👍🏼 This will be a certain pick up for me.


Minigun and helm or better face mask are very cool.
Now with that minigun on the way i need the older military version of the ammo pack. I want this…:sunglasses:


This is a buy if I have ever seen one! No brainier for me!

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…what the f*…fish!
i reaaaaaally like…MUST have the m134…
some cool parts for bashing…

Quite different to our usual figures. Seems like 27002 and 27003 weapon images are corrupted? Resolution is quite low.

Is CBI a new company partnering with E&S? I’m normally not a fan of figures like this but it the quality looks amazing, it’s got kinda a rough gritty look

He’s a sexual tyrannosaurus who doesn’t have time to bleed, one of my all time favorite movies!


I belive it so🤔
My Banshee is on it’s way and the quality looks like E&S.

Yes, this is their second release.

Any idea on what the pricing will be on this?

Easy Simple’s recommended MSRP is $180 USD.

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Is this vest real? From google it looks a lot like the Ace Link Quadrelease plate carrier, but I could definitely be wrong.

So no one has mentioned a game, making this a concept figure? The OD scheme, as mentioned, is a draw, tho even without the minigun and pannier, he seems to be lugging a metric tonne of stuff.

I DO like that mug…a LOT. Not necessarily $180USD liking, but honestly, this could end up being a “Should’a got one” offering.

I think someone mentioned a juggernaut which is definitely what this looks like is the juggernaut from modern warfare 2, E&S already did a similar one with zert sully figure but that had an m240 instead of the m134. Across the mw games juggernauts have carried a few guns including the m134, m240 and pkp as well, although going off the backdrop in the promo pics and the accompanying female figure to this I’m guessing they’re shooting for some sort of dystopian apocalyptic thing

Definitely has a bit of juggernaut inspiration.

The head looks great, the best I’ve seen so far from them.


That picture, if someone made it into a figure, will be insta-buy for me. The gear looks semi realistic though? Maybe they took the juggernaut concept and used existing gear, or at least gear that could exist.

Okay, it’s a cool figure with lots of gear, quite some of it new. The M134 has always been a Hollywood fave, but as far I have gathered, as an infantry weapons, it is highly unrealistic, mainly because of its tremendous weight with the electric power source/motor. Also, even with that ammo backpack, at the usual cyclic rate, you’d be out of ammo in no time… Maybe, I’ll get the minigun and stick it on a GalacTac figure - that’s sci-fi, anyway… Still, it does look much more appaeling than the ZERT figure by E&S, with everything in OD and nicely weathered, no red, gold or whatever strangely colored gimmicks attached.