CBI X Easy & Simple 27004 Task Force 58 CPO Erica Storm


Something new from ES…

Zert rises from the dead again!


THX for moveing this Thread Adam.

The head mount looks great. The only interesting part for me.

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Well guys i love this this type of stuff, you no that futuristic type of look. Great gear for kit bashing good onya E/S . Rocken on boys !

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I hope the skullcrusher can be adjusted to fit on male headsculpts. Though mounting battery packs to the back would prove a challenge. It might be good for my Sniper and DMR bashes to wear with their boonies before donning their ballistic helmets for assaults, as well
as for my covert operator.

Cool chest rig and suppressor at the very least, interesting concept overall.

I had a flash regarding that, seeing the candy apple red mag plates.
Erica…Ericas…a typo, or wordplay?

Is this from a game? She’s a cyborg soldier?

The hobby takes some interesting turns…


Interesting. Getting some weird vibes from this. Cyborg looking female a la Alita Battle Angel. And an old Cy-girl vibe too.

Same series as the CBI x E&S Anna and Yuri? The set number is in order.

Task Force 58. Wasn’t that a naval carrier group in WWII in the Pacific? EDIT; I had to check, and it was. Also a reference to some OEF stuff using Kiowa Warrior helicopters.

That Ops-Core Skull Mounting System looks pretty cool. Interesting optic on the rifle, and a modified Crane stock.

It looks interesting, but not sure about the choice of colour on the rifle or boots. I’d probably swap out that rifle or paint it, and change the boots. And tan buckles on a green chest rig. Pics are kind of dark on that. Is that another Spiritus rig?

Some weird stuff going on here. I don’t hate it though.

Head reminds me of a grown up Millie Bobby Brown.


My takeaway is that ES remains unwilling to do the Magpul D60 drum magazine lever in any finish other than a funky anodized color.


I really dig that rifle. Odd choice of color though when most of the gear on the figure is all dark.


If you check out the E&S page on Facebook, there’s a small comic using the Anna figure and this one as opposing characters. Kind of has a Black Powder, Red Earth vibe to it.

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Yeah, I saw that. Pretty cool.

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