Chimera shirt E&S

Does anyone know how loose the e&s chimera shirts are on Dam 2.0 bodies? I know e&s put out 2 of them on different figures and I was thinking of purchasing one but didn’t know if it was super loose like alot of their earlier offerings were? If not I might just buy the minitimes one and dye it if I have too, I’ve been pretty suprised in their quality on the parts I’ve gotten, especially their s&s plate frame (putting molle on is definitely more of a challenge though)

Both were for their first gen body so they run large. I usually use the first gen DAM bodies for the earlier ES clothing but they are baggy enough I used one a Kaustik Plastik Arnie muscle body so that gives you an idea. Minitimes version is quite good (better than the ES Dam Neck) which is not surprising as the parent company produces clothing. Some of their stuff can be subpar but they have some nice pieces of gear that get overlooked.

Thanks, think I’ll get tge mini times one and try dying it, but I have been pretty happy with the other mini times stuff I’ve gotten so far, gonna pick up a few of their 416 with rhagh rails too, switched interest from a cag bash to doing a devgru team after frustrations trying to make a current cag rifle