Choosing an AK for a CIA Figure

Hello, I’m looking to grab an AK rifle for a SAD bash I’m working on, what would be a good choice? I’m not very familiar with DAM toys Russian series, but it seems like a DAM AK is the best option.

From reference pictures I see that a lot of CIA AK’s are very basic, but I could go for something a little bit more high speed too.

Am I right in thinking 7.62 is the way to go? I would think 5.45 would be hard to get hold of outside of Russia.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hi Warden,
for me Damtoys PMC in Syria might be good reference for the AK!

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What kind of AK is this?

I have one of those, but it looks more like a Russian spec ops rifle to me. Good idea though.

Might be an AK-12K/15k

I don’t think we’ve got a recent example of an AK like this, it’s more like the old Hot Toys PMC rifles.

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I would use a more standard, cheap and not so modernized AK rifle. Perhaps with rails to mount an modern optic and that´s it. PMC´s or CIA uses this stuff in country i think. So it is much easier and cheaper to throw away the rifle when you leave and buy a new one for the next Job. The CIA
will come to the country via a military flight. So they could bring in their own weapons and equipment. I personally would never spend thousands of Dollars for a “Gucci” rifle just to throw it away after the job is done. What works and has proven itself is used.The Figure from Damtoys is looking cool but shouldn’t have much to do with reality.

CIA-Operator at work:


Absolutely agree, but my main question is which figure comes with a suitable rifle. It seems to me like the AKM that comes with 78083 might be the closest I can get at the moment.


Then you can also use the 78070 or the 78070S with suppressor. Love this one and it is really nice done. The old Hot Toys one for example is much less detailed and chunky:

or future release 78090

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This kind of ammo would be no problem to get in country. The quality of the ammo would be questionable. Depending on how old and how it was stored.

You could aslo try to get one of the old Dragon ones. No moving parts but good detailed, cheap and you could add some rails to make them more modern.


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And i forgot basic Typ 56 AK from minitimes :-):

Nice suggestions, thanks! I think I will try to track down the Flagset rifle, the others are really expensive.

My favourite Ak for a CIA kitbash its the Romanian stock ,like the first QRF (CIA & SBS ) arrived at the Qala Jangi fortress in 2001.

Like the Hot Toys CIA ones :

I’m a little late to the party here, but I would agree with a lot of what others have said: a modernised AK might be a better choice than a fully tricked-out rifle. I would opt for one of those on offer from DAM rather than Flagset.

The AKM and AKMS - both from DAM - would both be excellent choices, although a modernised AK47 or AKS47 with polymer furniture might be even better. The 3 rifles in the pics below are all customs that I have made at various times in the past, yet all would work on such a figure. The first 2 are customised offerings from DAM, while the AKS47 in the second pic is based on the DML AKS47 as shared by @Col.Braddock above.


Alternatively, if you really wanted the look of that Romanian wire stock as shared above by both yourself and @Lurp82, yes you could just equip him with one of the old HT AKs, but these are all underscaled and lacking in detail compared to today’s offerings. That said, you could customise your own more accurately-scaled rifle by gluing the HT stock onto a DAM, Flagset, or DML AK47 receiver.


Oh man, those customs are perfect. I think I may wait until 78090 releases and try to grab the rifle for less than a kidney, although the price of loose AKs might just push me towards using an M4 instead.

I think that DAM makes the modern AK rifles for Very Cool releases, so maybe you could try seeing if those are worthwhile.

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