Chris Ryan figure open for pre-orders

Hi all
Chris Ryan figure open for pre-orders. Put my name down on one, hardly a hard sell to me another Brit figure, but this does look nicely executed. Hope the M72 law will be sold separately at some stage.


I bit the bullet too, 1/2 down and shipping.
My reasoning was my light onesix commerce recently.


This is a very tempting figure. VERY Tempting.

They’d announced that by putting CHRISRYAN in the comment form at checkout, there would be a 10% discount. That didn’t happen for me, and apparently others. I inquired, and got a fast reply from John.
Things worked fine when they tested the system, but not when orders were placed. That is fixed, and for folks like me, they will fix it at final payment. Good on them, the entire enterprise included quite a bit of organization and effort.

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I received an email last week, saying they had refunded some $.

I was lucky. Noticed no discount so stopped order. Clicked back, put order through again, second time discount tab was showing.

Green Wolf busy at the moment, they have Chris Ryan figure also currently collection information from all the kickstart backers for Warhammer 40K officer figure.

I’m curious as to what figure(s) they will launch next