Christmas Haul 2020

Happy New Year’s Eve everybody! I’ve decided to share a portion of the bounty that arrived under the tree a few days ago. There a few more things I ordered with the money that I got from my relatives that I plan to dye black once they arrive, but it would probably be better to save that for a separate post later. The director has seen seen fit to assist me in this endeavor, and as such we will go each of the items.

One of the items that I focused on acquiring as many as I could were these Mechanix original gloves, as well as sets of bare knife gripping hands and gun gripping hands. Putting them on the hands is not too hard, but getting the fingers into the right holes is the real problem. Fortunately, some of the dental tools that I also got proved to be very helpful. If anyone plans to go down the same road as me, I would not recommend getting the gloves wet in order to make putting them on easier, as it weakens the adhesive that keeps the letters attached to the gloves. Which resulted in some of them falling off of one pair that I put onto one of the knife hands, so I’ll probably need to get 18 more pairs instead of 17. All in all though, I’m quite happy with how they turned out, even if my shoddy iPhone photography skills can’t do them justice.

Using the post made by another user (you know who you are ;))as a guide, I made my own all black .338 MRAD for my CAG sniper. To save you a site search, I transferred the barrel, magazines, receiver, rails, and cheek riser from the MSE version into the MSE ZERT version. The scope and suppressor comes from the E&S PSD surveillance chief figure, which I painted with Tamiya acrylic paint. Not bad work for a beginner I think, but the latter proved problematic to install. I sanded down the inside, but it seems that I didn’t do it enough, so half of the muzzle brake broke off and got stuck inside. I fixed it by pushing that part down deep enough that I could properly get the suppressor on the rifle. Even if I didn’t mess up I probably couldn’t safely remove it if I wanted to, so I’m not bothered. What does concern me is the fact that with the rifle stored in its backpack, the figure can’t fit in my display case. I’ll probably replace it with an Eberlestock backpack from the SS109 figure, but I’m not sure if the “crown protector” can handle the rifle’s suppressor. Can anybody who has that figure share some imput on that, so I know if I should get it if it’s sold separately from the backpack?

I actually painted this a few months ago, but I wanted to wait until it was ready before I showed it off. I used a model master flat black acrylic paint, which kind of looked more grayish during the application process, but came out just fine. The suppressor cover is what really ties the whole rifle together in the end although it ended up looking grayish, and while serviceable enough I think that for coloring cloth items, I’ll use either the tamiya paint or rit dye in the future. You may notice that the pistol grip is tan, and that’s because I had to replace the gun’s original lower receiver that I did paint with one that I didn’t because the Flagset stock that I had on was way too tight and I ended up messing up the buffer tube while trying to adjust the position. The offset RDS is another part that I really like, although I might replace the Docter sight with an RMR once I can find one that fits on the mount. One annoying thing is that I got 7 total DAM Pmags with ammo windows and ranger plates for the gun, and despite a great deal of searching, I have only been able to locate 6 of them. So until I either locate or buy the last one, that bash will be making do with four mags until then.

Same story as the 416, basically. This and the identical holster on my CAG team leader bash was actually my first experiment with painting cloth parts, which as you can tell was quite a success. I neglected to show it with my other acquisitions, but I also got the G17 from the SMU Bragg figure, although the magwell was too big for the DAM version pictured here. No matter, I’ll just get it from one of the pistols from the upcoming E&S QRF figures. I already have two sets of these DAM pistols and holsters from the 78065 figure, and just earlier today I ordered the last two sets that I need for a total of six, plus the magazines lights that are needed for these last four. All of these holsters will go to my DEVGRU bashes, with my CAG bashes getting the holsters and belts from the aforementioned QRF figures instead along with the DAM glocks.

Speaking of the DAM 78065 figure, I’ve also acquired one of its AOR1 NJPCs along with some associated pouches. I initially wanted to get the multicam ones from the E&S SAD field raid figure, but the DAM versions were more readily available, and I just couldn’t pass up the pouches. I have another set on the way, and once that arrives I’ll dye both sets black, so there are no worries. The PC itself is nice enough, and will likely suit my needs well. Due to the highly secretive nature of their position, I have censored the Director’s face for their benefit. Rest assured that you will be able to see him again in the future.

Pictured are one of two pairs that I have secured for my CAG bashes. While I have been able to track 4 in total, There are just two more that I need to source, but am currently unable to locate. I have come across some on this site, but I’m not sure if it’s legit.

The G17 gen4. One of the most beautiful 1/6 scale pistols that my eyes have ever seen. I’ve already discussed both these and the gloves, but I just wanted to give a look at them. When this figure was announced I planned to give the pistol to the Director, as my focus was on getting new holsters for my DEVGRU bashes, and I assumed that I would be satisfied with finishing the 4 I currently have instead of the full 12 man team that I’m aiming for. But now, my path is clear.

A few miscellaneous pouches, one of which I intended to use as an IFAK pouch, a purpose for which it is no longer needed since I can just dye proper IFAK pouches. It may serve better as an ammo pouches for MRAD or TAC.50 magazines on the sniper’s JPC instead. The other one could be an admin pouch.

Finally, there is the S&B 1-8x24 PM II. I already have the same scope, but this one has a more “high speed” mount. It is currently installed on my recce m110 bash. It may not be entirely up to date, as the unit is using versions with MLOK hand guards instead of keymod, and they might be using a more recent higher power LPVO like the Vortex 1-10. Still, it’s a nice placeholder until I can get something more up to date that’s also in black.


That site is reselling ebay listings with many of those expired/ended listings. There are quite a few of these sites out there that scrape ebay listings and resell them at a markup and most do no maintenance to ensure listings are current. Some are outright scams, so buyer beware applies.

Oh darn. It seems like I’ll have to either look elsewhere for what I wanted from that site, or wait for new ones to be released.

Looking good, glad to finally see some progress pics!

Can’t wait to see all your completed stuff! My bashes sound similar - mostly black with skull motifs so would love to see a similar squad :+1:

I’m going for that motif as well. So far I’ve pegged down at least 4 options for what facewear will I give each of my figures: Balaclava, Bandana, mesk mask on top of a solid black balaclava, and neck gaiter, all with white skulls. Since I will build 12 operators in total, that means that 3 figures can adopt each of those 4 options. I’ve been able to account for all of them in that respect. In regards to names I have three categories from which to choose: death deities, corporeal undead, and incorporeal undead. Of those, I need now only to find two deities with cool names, and then I’m set.

I also plan to change out the blue lenses in all of their GPNVGs with red ones. I’ve omitted putting on patches both because it made sense for a black ops death squad to not have any identifying marks and because I couldn’t find any that satisfy me. However once I worked out the backstory/lore behind my kitbashes, I’ve become more receptive to the idea of using patches. Once I figure out how to print stuff onto fabric, then I can finally apply some with the designs I want. Those being the emblem of the organization that they all work for (known as Niðhöggr), as well as the Totenkopf since in the backstory I thought of at half of my operators are of Germanic descent, so combined with the origin of the symbol (18th century Prussia) and the nature of the team that I’m building, it just seems fitting. If nothing else, the patches would be useful for keeping the battery cable in place on the helmets of my DEVGRU bashes.


Ah fudge, it looks like the 78065 holsters aren’t made for guns with lights. Thank goodness I have some from 78072 on the way, so I’ll just dye those and wait until I can source a couple more of the latter. In the meantime I can sell the ones that can’t fit lights.


The hirsute man in black, with his face blocked, made me think of Keyser Söze.

I plan to change out that figure’s DAM 3.0 body for the one from coomodel that is 27.0 cm I initially considered the Phicen M36A body that is scaled from 6’6, but that proved to be too expensive and overall impractical for what I wanted the figure to be. Combined with the height of the head plus some extended ankle pegs, hopefully that will be enough to get them up to or even over the height that I want, which in 1/1 scale equates to 6’9 feet. That’s before the footwear is factored in, which will be in the form of black oxfords with 4 inch high heels. There are some molded ones from CM toys that might fit the bill, but I’d have to measure them either from the pictures available online, or one I purchase and receive them. Naturally, I imagine that given the length of the figure I will have to get their clothes tailored to fit somehow. Either by a specialized one that works with 1/6 scale figures, or a regular one.

As for the headsculpt, all I can say is that it’s from one of DAM’s recent Russian figures. I am considering replacing it with one from a different figure that I feel has the right expression and facial structure that I’m looking for. Plus it’s bald so I won’t have to whittle off all of the sculpted hair and risk changing the shape of the head too much when I add the rooted hair. Applying them over the joints while still keeping those functional will be a challenge, so I need to cut the tattoo decals to shape.

In any case though, I will be re-coloring the body, head, feet, and hands in a white skin tone. Not as in just a very pale one, I mean actually white. The hair and beard will be black, while the irises will be red. I will also add some makeup by painting the lips and nails black, and adding some eyeshadow. I’m leaning towards using pastels, as I’m not skilled enough with paint to do shading. The only things that I’d need to actually paint would be the eyes, lips, and nails, which I don’t think will have any problems interacting with the pastels. An extensive amount of tattoos will also be in order, as the director used to be a tier 1 operator. I’m thinking floral sleeves for the arms, along with dragons and other Nordic symbols, given the fact that the name of their organization is Nordic in origin.

So in effect, the director will have the same color scheme as their soldiers.

Yes with these tall bodies I had some cool ideas for it but it is going to be hard to find BDUs that fit the taller phicen bodies. It’s going to be expensive to tailor make them so I abandoned the idea.

One thing that does pop into mind is the bdu from the green wolf gear galactac figure. I remember it being a lot taller than usual.

I swapped out the pants for something black and I remember that the black pants were too short. So maybe that’s the way to go? Find the bdu from that figure and dye it.

From the sounds of it your figure will look a bit vampirish? :grinning:

That’s the idea, yes. I also have a black cravat and overcoat that will make them resemble Nosferatu. Although given the size of the figure I’ll have to get that coat altered as well so that it’s ankle length. I might even add some wiring to the rim for posing. Other clothing may also be desirable, such as a leather motorcycle jacket and helmet, and maybe even a black leather trench coat that resembles those used by the Schutz Staffel sans iconography.

As for armaments, I’ll get him the suppressed G34 from the E&S 26041S figure, which I might salvage the barrel from for the sliver and black G34 with aim point RDS I already have to make a version of the pistol that better fits the figure’s color scheme. I may also just forgoe the former option entirely, as there are now some 3D printed suppressors being sold that don’t require the pistol to have a threaded barrel, and that makes it seem integrally suppressed. For holsters I’m leaning towards a shoulder set up as it would do a good job at concealing the pistol without also impacting movement too much. Their knives will also be rather low key in nature, with a Karambit and push dagger being sufficient.