Collect & Build Industry AD.2050.I Banshee

1/6 Female Body
1/6 Real-Like Female Headsculpt
1/6 Accessory Hands
1/6 Gloves
1/6 Boots
Futuristic Assault Shirt
Futuristic Jacket
Futuristic Assault Pants
Futuristic Assault Mask
Futuristic Light Weight Assault Plate Carrier
Enhanced Wrist Brace
Futuristic Assault Backpack
Assault Belt
Combat Assault Glasses
Futurisitic Combat Application Communication System
Custom AR-15 Assault Rilfe
Folding Iron Rifle Sights
Reflex Rifle Scope
Rifle Laser Indicator
Rifle Hand Stop
Rifle Mag
Combat Pistol
Pistol Red Dot Sight
Combat Compact Holster
Flash Bang Grenade System
Incendiary Grenade
Combat Knife
Display Stand

This is a new brand that is partnered with Easy & Simple for production.

Love this one except for the gasmask, it looks more construction than futuristic soldier.

What is this rifle? Can you detach the sight from the pistol? Bet ES glued it to it.

Looks good, but will wait until final production for a verdict.

Hopefully I can get the white weapons on the loose market, it will be a 1st for me to have a white rifle. I never liked the look of the winterized Flagset or Minitimes rifles.

I quite like winter items. Try to look out for these:

Already released

Still to come

Also the Cougar 417 from here:

Easy & Simple 06009 Assault Rifle 417

Thanks for the other links. I do have the Kriss in winter camo and it is awesome. The other rifles are great too, but I have them in other colors. What makes this boxset’s rifle great is the skeletonized magwell which seems a new mold?

Female figures have never interested me beyond some new accessories, and this one is no different. The rifle is similar to the special forces set ones that they recently released, the belt knife is from the crw assaulter, but the aimpoint for the g34 and the slanted knife are new. Here’s hoping they start adding rds’s to some of their pistols in the future.