Collector Question

Hello to all,

Looking for some advice and opinions with this question.

Are you more willing to buy a figure complete with no box or boxed and complete?

I am not selling my collection, but have been debating on if I should keep my Soldier Story boxes. I will be moving soon and I am not sure if my boxes can make another move. I would like to keep them but the figures and pieces being secure is my bigger concern. Then comes the if I do toss them and then sell my collection, what do people prefer?

I have to other large collections. One I keep the pieces mint in box and the others I toss. 1/6 just becomes a bit harder because I do like the box art. My thought is to cut the backs and keep them as I toss the rest.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

I’ve kept all my boxes for all the figures I’ve put together. Yeah, they take up a lot of space but I just can’t throw them out. Plus I figure if I ever go to sell a figure it’d be more desirable with the box then without.

I find it easier to buy boxed if for no other reason then it can protect the pieces better in transit. That said shipping isn’t getting cheaper and it can shave off 1-2lb depending on the figure. Perception-wise not having a box does effect value for some.For my own personal stuff I only keep boxes for the more limited/rare ones but I’m used to throwing out tons of packaging so it doesn’t bother me as much.

Sorry… war & Peace………………

Over the last year or so I have been selling my old collection, got cancer so decide to sell old stuff to fund new figure and other scaled figures.

Mostly Dragon/DID/Hot Toys, all in box most never opened. People do like the “mint in box”

Also factor in, are you after a quick sale or a slow sale, i still have figure up a year on, they still sell, just demand is slow. I look at selling site to gauge price figure selling at, then make a call on what I would be happy getting.

Sometime party out a figure as I see bits selling for more/faster. Rare as extra listing hassle/time involved, but has proven profitable, especially rare weapons, they can go for silly money, I just then bundle uniform and bitz together.

Selling the right desirable figure helps. Napoleonic/Rorks Drift, DID & Dragon flew out - massive interest selling for £200+. Even had nice people email me making an offer to & help take figure of my hands - roll eyes.

Always have a quick look online see what figures in your collection are going for high £££££ I would keep those in boxes. Less profitable ones strip down/throw boxes.

Regarding buying - depends on price and how much I want figure. I’m more interested in a boxed figure tbh. I do bid on no-box but has to be a low price. I see kitbash/diorama figures up for sale for high £££. Leaves me cold l’m afraid - not really willing to spend high £££ on that type of thing, do my own, or spend £100+ on brand new in box figure like the new DAMTOYS DEA (drool)

Summary: in box sells best. Check collection for high value figures, keep these in box. All the other stuff your call, strip boxes on figures you don’t like or are of low value. End of day your collection do what you want.

all the best sorting this out

There is no easy answer for this. I would keep the boxes of rare Figures oder Expo Limited Edition ones. Collectors will prefer in box and nearly new conditon. Also you can make more money if you sell them one time.
If you can not present all your Figures in a showcase than i would keep the boxes. It is sorted and they are perfectly protected.
If you want to sell some not so rare Figures i think you can make more money with some loose parts. If you sell them boxed
you usually do not get the desired price. Otherwise, I would do it as you think it was right and according to the space.

I keep my figures in boxes, since I finally have few exposed. As for resale, I think that to sell faster, it is better to have the box … if you want to sell retail, then you have to be very patient.