Comanche Toys Masada Rifle Custom

With the proper accessories, it looks a bit better. Unfortunately, Comanche only managed to release a half-decent product to begin with, as the attachments are just cheap and some details and features on the rifle as well. However, it’s a unique piece and fully functional. Even some markings are apparent.

Comanche Toys Masada Rifle
DAMTOYS ACOG Sight w/ Shade and Mini Red Dot
Soldier Story Back Up Sights
E&S Laser
E&S WMX200
E&S Foregrip
Mini Times Switch


Looks great chpo. Big improvement for sure.

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Great looking rifle there!

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I saw these somewhere. I don’t remember how much they were going for but I passed. It looks really good though.

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These rifles are a two edged sword. But kind of unique in the end, so I decided to get them eventually.