Community Workbench Thread

I’m a bad one for rarely finishing bashes, and then not taking pictures once I have, so I thought a workbench thread might be fun for our community.

Post whatever you are working on, even if it’s something small, like threading pouches onto a plate carrier. I’m sure we all like to see what everyone’s daily / weekly / monthly hobby looks like.

Today I repainted an Airframe for a CIA figure I’m working on, and also painted a stock and suppressor for an old Playhouse MK18, which will go to my GRS operator.


Nice paint applications and good thread.

Not sure if you can use this way, but your mini red dot might be the wrong way. However, I have seen some rare operators using red dot the other way. Anyone any insight here?

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On top of the specter? I think it’s correct, or that’s how Playhouse have glued it anyways.

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Playhouse mistake :slight_smile:


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Hope I can remove it or that’s going to bother me forever.

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Haha apologies, Does yours have a plastic piece inserted as a lense?

Also, if you attach it yourself, try to mount it further back than Playhouse. There should be some indicators/engravings on top of the scope/sight to show where to place.

This is from Soldier Story


In a further twist, the promo pics don’t picture this red dot sight at all :exploding_head:

We have truly entered the twilight zone…


Maybe to their convenience. The ELCAN can come as a standalone, it’s more like an optional mini red dot as a back up or for really close targets.

Today’s work: I transferred the “muscle” arms of an ES body to a Soldier Story one.

The color of the new bare hands from ES does not match the color of the arms. I only put them on for the photo.


First dress fitting for my training team:


Can’t wait to see this training team mate. I,am sure you it will blow our minds. Rock on!


I bought this set a little while ago on a whim and it was ok out of the box, but after I added a green hooded jacket from a PopToys TAD set and a backpack, it really came to life. Sometimes figures just need a little bit of something extra to make them look great.

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I don’t feel any other brands can match Playhouse for attention to detail. Some of their pieces were incredible. Fragile though.


Dang Oso. You make me want to focus all of my attention to 1:6 building. :clap:


Quick sofa snap of the operator I’m working on currently, headsculpt arrived today.


All right, here are some contributions from me:

Decided to add the Obi-Wan Nairobi rifle to my collection and procured an ES 26032 light to complete the package.

Some of you might remember that I crafted a custom black ES MRAD. I sacrificed a Tungsten MRAD since I had a second one on display in my work setup, but recently decided I wanted all five intact color variants at home. So I wrangled a second green MRAD in order to create the World’s Ugliest Christmas Rifle. Just to give myself more to tinker with, I field-stripped the black rifle in order to give the Tungsten MRAD its original parts back, then transferred the parts from the new green rifle onto the black chassis.

Here are all five rifles plus the holiday abomination…


That’s a nice little collection. I really like the brown version.


Wow! What a collection of firepower. :grin:


Looks incredible! Would E&S bodies fit DAM/VTS arms?

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No! Not without heavy modifications.