Copyright on photographs

Hey there,

I want to ask if I took the photos and another shop used these photos to sell their product, is this legal? I don’t think it is…

Figuremall is run by a friend of mine, so I gave him permission to use the photos:

This store I did not give them permission:

You can clearly see that the store used identical photos! I asked them nicely to remove the photos, but they don’t seem to be complying…


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Maybe it’s just me, but an outfit called “cassiescraftycakes” does not inspire much confidence that they are straight-shooters.

I’ve seen sites like these before, called stupid names too and claiming to sell some very rare things, with photos. They are faked…spoof sites.

LOL Mike! I didn’t even see the name.

Yeah, it seems as if they are fake. I mean you can order as many as you want!

Yes “fakes” sites, you order a rare product, they have a large stock of these products … you pay exclusively with credit card and finally, you lost your money … :yum::yum::yum:

This is what my lawyer friend told me.

"In the US, you have automatic ownership rights in your original photos. People aren’t supposed to duplicate or use without your permission. If you register your work with the fed gov you get a filed copyright, and that gets you the right to mark the work with copyright symbol and your name. You could actually mark them that way without having the registration and that might scare people away from using. If someone is violating your rights you can send them notice to stop and you can sue them. "

In otherwise, watermark your photographs…

Usually it’s ebay affiliate marketers who do this and throw together a basic ecommerce site that links back to ebay or scammers who scrape marketplace sites as a source of easy listing inventory. Pretty simple to do these days as there are numerous tools for it. When you upload any images to ebay you hand over any copyright you have, any other seller or ebay affiliate is free to use the content as they want. Pesky things, those user agreements. You can pretty much register domains with no footprint these days and just park them on a server over in the eastern half of europe. As for why they often choose ridiculous domain names I’d imagine it is for the same reason as our email spammer chums in parts of Africa purposefully make hilariously bad emails so they ensure they get the biggest schmucks.