Corona Virus

I hope everyone is doing well. Here in Korea there has not been a lock down. Instead they are testing over 10,000 a day. I keep track of Corona Virus here:
You can scroll down the list and you will see individual countries.

Please everyone! Be safe!



It’s scary how a lot of us were kinda joking about the virus when it started but look at where we are now, a worldwide pandemic with no end in sight for the foreseeable future. But yeah, I hope everyone is doing well and continues to stay so.

Here on the Kansas/Missouri border, the mayors have already closed down businesses, and the Kansas governor closed the schools. Tuesday, they’re going to enforce a “stay at home” order, for the two-state metro area, for thirty days.
Our supply situation is pretty good, so far, as is that of our kids (adults, actually).

I wish I’d been wrong, but I expressed unease early on, when the virus numbers began rising in China. I figured that the fractured nature of the United States, and much of the world, would allow it to spread - a virus really needing little more than ignorance, stupidity, and failure to react, for it to thrive.

Right now, I am hoping for an eventual end to this, and that this radical change in the world, will leave mankind a bit wiser, and better prepared. “Hoping” being the operative word…
Meanwhile, to a safe passage for all.

Good to hear things are turning around in Korea. They acted quickly to contain and test to their credit. Things here are slowly getting shut down as more restrictions come into place but the government is at least finally appearing to be taking things seriously. I would not be surprised if we see the major metro areas here further locked down before long as there is limited testing going on outside of the most seriously effected. For now the biggest problem most people are experiencing is finding toilet paper and cleaning supplies although we are starting to see the impact of the first waves of businesses going bust.

China, Japan, and Korea are doing well.

Here in Europe, things get complicated in some countries, with many deaths (Italy and Spain, a little less in France) … It is strange this absence of cars, and pedestrians in towns and villages. … we lack nothing, except our families who are scattered everywhere … Nature gives us a warning … be attentive. Do well …

Well. Hi guys. Here in Mexico things are starting to get awkward. People misunderstood the advance of the Easter holidays and decided to go have fun in crowded places, however we jumped from 200 to 300 cases in just two days.

We at work (I work on a construction site) are taking precautions and waiting for the client to call for the split on the teams. Lots of planning to handle this thing the best way possible.

Hopefully everything will be better in the close future, for now the best possible thing to do is be prepared and take care of our own.

At least here we can keep sharing our passion without risk of a virus.

Please stay safe. I send you my best.

Jose Tovar
Former EMT-P and HSSE manager.