CoVid-induced bashes, Pt. II

Hey guys!

Another product of CoVid-induced boredom:

Finished up my version of DAM’s 78041 PMSC, where I basically switched out the uniform to that from the E&S CIA SAD figure, because I want to use the original tiger stripes for a NSW in A’stan bash and also because I just love the desert tiger camo.

I think, the guy turned out pretty cool!


Great bash / conversion :+1:. Cool idea with that desert tiger stripe Uniform. Looks really good. Even better than the original Version. Now i need one too for my Figure :grin:. Or i can use the old ACE desert camo Uniform for that.

Thanks, man! :+1:
I have the old ACE uniform, too. That would be an alternative…

Would be an good alternative because it is more simple and you do not have the integrated knee protection. It is more PMC like. On the photo there is Kris „Tanto“ Paronto (second from left).


Good Job - DAM’s 78041 PMSC is one of my favourite Figure!

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As much as I like the original version of the figure, I think this looks better.

I wish I had bought this one haha. The original that is.

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@cdn_rhino: Yes, the original figure is great, the parts, the overall look, everything.
Had to get that one when it came out.
However, after switching the uniforms, I personally think tht bit looks even better with the desert tiger pattern - a perfect match, somehow!