CoVid-induced bashes

Hey guys!

I thought, I’d use my involuntary downtime due to CoVid infection to work on some figures…

Right before I got quarantined, I got my hands on the Minitimes M019 Mountain Warrior figure and I used that to bash a “Horse Soldier”/SF ODA guy from the early days in A`stan.

The MT figure is pretty basic, as was to be exspected at the price. The uni looked totally pristine, so I gave it quite some weathering, thinking that these guys would have been pretty grimy after transversing Afghanistan on horseback.
Body is from DAM, sculpt is from some WW II tanker figure, I do like Michael Pena, besides, he was in the movie, after all…
Switched the BA to a SPEAR, changed to fabric boots, kept much of the rest. The rifle itself is okay, the attachments are very basic, especially the ACOG, just a one-piece mold, not even a painted lens. Had to drop it.
Enjoy and let me know, what you think!


Good improvements over the original figure! Looks good to me!


Looks really good. Better than the Original one. I love this time period from the early 2000´s. Not so much gear like today. The camo Uniform is great. A woodland chest rig would be cool too. The head works perfect for this. Reminds me on some pictures from my Special Forces in Afghanistan book with SF Operators in Tora Bora.


Yeah, that’s a nice, sleek look.
I took some inspiration from the Osprey book by Leigh Neville on SOF in Afghanistan, for this one. Great book!


Really good work here, and nice presentation. I love this time period, I wish we could get up to date versions of the old DML and BBi figures, I doubt they’d be so expensive to make given how simple a lot of their gear was.


Beautiful work! Good find on the head and your gear placement and weathering look on point. Thanks for sharing this👍


Nice upgrades. Those guys spent a lot of time in the weeds. Soiled/weathered uniforms are pretty much a must.

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