Crane Toys x Easy & Simple Gene Yu - U.S. Army Special Forces


ES Buddy 2.0
Gene Yu Head Sculpted by “EL1EV1EN”

Custom DCU Jacket
DCU Pants
Scarpa Kailash GTX
Mechanix Vent x2
Coyote brown t-shirt

Paraclete Double M4 Mag Pouch
Paraclete Single M4 Mag Pouch
Paraclete Frag Grenade Pouch
Paraclete Radio Pouch Old Gen
Tactical Tailor Single Mag Pouch

MICH 2000 Helmet
Norotos NVG Mount & Shroud
Oakley SI Frame 3.0

PRC-148 Radio Set
Comta C1 Headset, Liberator Kit, Waterproof PTT

M3 MAAWS Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle (Deluxe Edition)
MK18MOD0 (BLK) (Deluxe Edition: Desert camo)
M4A1 Stock
Eotech 553
Insight Remote
Insight M3X
KAC QD Suppressor
PTD Foregrip
KAC Folding Rear Sight
Tactical sling
M4 Mag x4
Surefire X300
Safariland 6004 (Deluxe Edition: Second Holster)
M-18 Smoke Grenade x2
M-67 Frag Grenade x2

Light Stick x3
Black G-Shock Watch
Petzl Tactica Head Light
Eagle Industeries 3A Pack & Hydra Tube (Deluxe Edition)

Deluxe Edition

Regular Edition

Interesting. It’s gotta be a figure they’re putting out. Anyone know who the gentlemen is?

-Edit- There’s some info on him.

Updated. Only Source is onesixthkit so fo far. Not sure if you earn glory from being a soldier though. That’s about killing people!

Not interested in any of the weapons, but kudos to Mr. Yu for serving his country.

They need to make their money back on the Saab-Bofors mold, huh?

Yeah, I agree Scrib.



Swapped these for the new official release pics


It is our honor to have a cooperation with EL1EV1EN. The head sculpture from EL1EV1EN is fine everybody knows. It’s sure that the product of Gene Yu will be the best.
Scars are the glory of men. The glory from Gene Yu is showed faithfully.

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Sorry for those who pre-ordered, but seems like it will never come. The Carl Gustav round would have been good to have though.

Are his glasses supposed to be red? If so then they are exactly what I’m looking for.

Why am I seeing parts for this on eBay? Was this released or canceled?

Officially, neither of them. But looks like either heavily delayed or secretly cancelled.


They previewed another figure in 2019, but no lead here either.

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I’d buy it. I like when they make real soldiers. Like Toy Soldier used to do. Real heroes.

Some loose parts have recently become available. The complete Figure I think never went on sale.